29 One-Sentence Reminders For When Your World Feels Like It’s Crumbling Around You


1. It’s not—the world is still spinning, the sun has risen, and even though you might be hurting, you are still standing.

2. Look up at the sky and realize that it’s still there, and that Chicken Little was a liar.

3. Take a deep breath—you must keep breathing.

4. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

5. Rehashing every tiny detail of whatever happened will not help you heal any faster, so please stop torturing yourself.

6. It’s okay to shut off your phone if you need to focus.

7. It’s okay to take some time alone if that’s what your heart needs.

8. It’s okay to reach out to the people you love and ask for help.

9. It’s okay to ask for help.

10. If you made a mistake, it’s okay to be mad at yourself.

11. If someone you love hurt you, it’s okay to be mad at them.

12. If you made a mistake, it’s okay to be disappointed in yourself.

13. If someone you love disappointed you, it’s okay to show your disappointment.

14. Healthy relationships aren’t about always agreeing with one another.

15. If you made a mistake, please don’t continue to whip yourself verbally.

16. If you made a mistake, please remember that it’s okay to forgive yourself.

17. It’s okay to forgive, and you get to decide what your timeline of forgiveness looks like.

18. When “it” (whatever “it” means for you) feels like it’s broken, remember it’s a choice as to whether or not you want to put it back together.

19. You always have a choice to make, even in the chaos.

20. Sometimes, growth is painful and uncomfortable.

21. Sometimes, we need to crack open so that we may step into the light.

22. Just because your shadows emerge doesn’t mean your light has disappeared.

23. Sometimes, shitty things happen to good people.

24. Sometimes, good people do shitty things—we’re all human.

25. Please remember that the universe is not conspiring against you.

26. Remorse is a powerful thing.

27. Redemption is a powerful thing.

28. You are still a magnificent human.

29. You are always worthy of love.