29 Signs Your ‘Forever Alone’ Days Are Coming To An End


1. You’ve finally found a guy who makes you feel different from the rest in the pit of your stomach, the bottom of your heart, and the space between your thighs.

2. He acts different from the rest, too. As in, he treats you like an actual human being instead of a piece of meat.

3. You’ve been happy being single, so you know you don’t like him for an empty reason, like so you can change your relationship status.

4. Even your overprotective friends, who find flaws in every guy you crush on, are encouraging you to go out with him.

5. You have a smile on your face whenever his face pops into your head or his name pops up on your phone.

6. You haven’t found any red flags, even after all of your social media stalking.

7. He’s honest with you about everything, from his deepest fears to his most recent exes.

8. You can be honest with him, too, even about the awkward stuff that makes you blush.

9. Your pets like him, too, and they always know when a stranger is up to no good.

10. You daydream about him, but you can actually imagine those daydreams becoming a reality.

11. You aren’t scared to tell him how you feel, because he always tells you how he feels.

12. You’ve been fantasizing about going out on the cliché stargazing and strawberry picking dates that you used to make fun of.

13. He hasn’t asked you for nudes or sent you any inappropriate pictures of his cock.

14. He calls when he says he will and never cancels plans. From what you’ve seen, he keeps all of his promises.

15. He actually makes plans to hang out face-to-face that don’t involve Netflix.

16. He makes you feel like this whole “dating” thing is actually worthwhile, even though you were always skeptical in the past.

17. He hasn’t flirted with any other girls, or even stared at a waitress’ ass, since you’ve started talking to him.

18. You’ve stopped looking at other men, too. There’s only one that you want.

19. You think his brain is just as sexy as his abs.

20. You’re not scared that he’ll ghost on you, because he’s too good for that. You’re positive that he isn’t going anywhere.

21. Instead of making you cry like your past crushes have, he actually makes you feel more beautiful and successful than you’ve ever felt before.

22. It feels like you’ve known each other for years. You’re completely comfortable with him, and it’s been that way since your very first conversation.

23. You finally understand all of the clichés you’ve heard about having butterflies in your stomach and frogs in your throat.

24. Every time he touches you, even if he’s just brushing up against your arm, it feels “right.” There’s no other way to explain it.

25. All of his friends know your name. And you’ve already told your friends about him. In detail.

26. He acts like a gentleman that came straight out of the ’50s. He always holds open doors for you, pulls out your chair, and offers you his jacket.

27. He actually listens to you, even when you vent about work for hours on end.

28. He’s just as eager to take your relationship to the next level as you are. And that means going steady, not having sex.

29. You’re 100% ready to be in a relationship and you’re 100% sure he’s the one you want to be with.