3 Easy Ways To Make The Week More Meaningful


When it’s Friday, the world rejoices. When it’s Monday, everyone groans. And then there are three days in between that nobody talks about, 72 hours that we just wish away, 72 hours that you can never get back.

I wish we’d stop living for the weekend and start living in the here and now.

I understand the appeal of the weekend—many people get to stop and sit still for a moment. They can breathe a bit easier. Maybe they get to sleep in. Maybe they don’t have to eat on the run. Maybe they’re able to share a meal and laughs with the ones they love, without worrying about answering an email or getting back to work or the mounting pile of things to do when they get back to the office.

But emails will never stop. Work will never stop. Calls for your attention and time will never stop.

So how do we carve out moments in those 72 hours between Monday and Friday so that they’re as full of as much life as the weekend?

Perhaps it’s about taking the time, even if it’s only stolen moments. Perhaps it’s about carving out space to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Nourish Your Mind

Are you a former bibliophile that can’t seem to find time to get cozy with your favorite novel because of your job, your relationship, motherhood, or life? You might be surprised what would happen if you hopped on the audiobook train. Download audible or, if you’re feeling thrifty, sign up for the audiobook download app via your local public library. Audiobooks not your thing? That’s cool. Try a podcast—there’s more than enough to choose from. Does music soothe your soul? Get that playlist going! The important thing here is to take the time to put on your podcast, audiobook, or playlist as you head to work or go about your day.

Nourish Your Body

Do you eat or drink your coffee on the run? What would happen if you sat down, if only for five minutes? What would your day be like if you stretched it to 10? What would happen if you urged your coworkers to get lunch together? People need people. Coffee in quiet and conversations over lunch might be just the thing to brighten up your day.

I don’t know anyone who’s gone to the gym and then regretted it. I do know quite a few folks who wish they had time for the gym, who want to work out “like they used to.” Instead of dreaming about your gym glory days, start with what you can do. Can you spare 15 minutes on the treadmill? What about 20? What about 30? Doing something is better than nothing, and if you take the five minutes to pack a gym bag before your head hits the pillow, you’re more likely to throw it in your car and head to your workout right after work.

Nourish Your Soul

Take the time to write down five things you’re grateful for every morning, at that exact moment. Do you not have time to write? Think about five things you’re grateful for as you’re brushing your teeth. Going through your day with intention will make you see, feel, and look at the world around you differently.

Missing your loved ones while you’re working all day? Take the time to give your spouse, partner, and/or kids a goodbye kiss in the morning, even if they’re sleeping, so that they feel your love with them all day long.

There are countless moments of opportunity to make the days mean more than just filler time to get to the weekend. There are countless moments to find purpose in the 72 hours between Monday and Friday. Time is never something we can get back, but it is there and ours for the taking.

If you string enough stolen moments together, you might surprise yourself how much time you have.

Stop wishing the week away to Friday and start focusing on finding moments of joy throughout your day when you need it the most.