3 Great Korean Movies That’ll Surely Touch Your Heart


Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel so touched and depressed about the ending? That you just want to share and talk about it with your friends but you don’t have the appropriate words to describe the goodness of the story? And sometimes, when you’re trying to sleep, you remember the saddest part of the movie so you start crying and thinking it will take forever for you to move on? I just want to share some incredibly good movies that will surely touch your heart.

1. Miracle in Cell No.7


This is the one movie that I will never ever forget. My friend recommended this, and it pretty much rendered me speechless. I’m not sensitive or generally a crybaby, but I couldn’t help but cry after watching this one (thank God it’s a comedy-drama film so there was a break for me to laugh).

Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a story of a mentally challenged father of a 6-year old girl who is wrongfully imprisoned and sentenced to death on charges of molesting and murdering the police commissioner’s young daughter. During the time he was in prison, he was assigned to Cell No. 7 — the cell with the most hardened criminals in the maximum security prison. I want to tell you more, but I don’t want to spoil the film. Overall, the movie is incredibly heartwarming.

2. Hello Ghost


This is a story of a man who always continually fails to kill himself. He has no family and he remembers nothing about them. After one failed suicide attempt (from overdosing on pills), he gains the power to see ghosts. The phenomenon starts in the hospital, where he meets a nurse and falls in love with her. He tries to move on and start all over again but the family of ghosts would only leave him alone under the condition of fulfilling their requests. I will not spoil every single detail since it is better to see it for yourself — especially the ending. This movie is a classic comedy-drama that will make you laugh and cry.

3. A Moment To Remember


This is a powerful romantic film about true love without having memories. The girl in the story has Alzheimers…Her boyfriend (eventually, her husband) made a commitment to stay together and as the disease gets more serious, her husband never leaves her side. For a while he tries everything to help regain her memory, but Alzheimers is Alzheimers. It’s particularly painful because the guy is struggling and breaking inside while watching his lovely wife forgets everything — including their relationship, and her husband. It’s a bittersweet ending and full of heart. I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one.