3 Non-Spoiler Reasons To Go See ‘Gone Girl’


Gone Girl is an extremely polarizing and emotionally moving film, but is it worth seeing?When talking about Gone Girl, it can be very challenging to bring up any discussion regarding if it is worth seeing without any sort of spoilers, but I’m going to break it down for you. Gone Girl is centered around the disappearance of Ben Affleck’s wife (played by Rosamund Pike) and the mystery behind it all. It has a certain Hitchcock-esque element to it, so if you enjoy mysteries and thrillers Gone Girl is right in your wheelhouse.

Without giving any spoilers, here are three reasons why you should go see Gone Girl.

1. Acting
Self admittedly, I am not the biggest Ben Affleck fan, but he gives a solid performance as a smug husband. Throughout the film it feels like he is doing his job adequately, but Rosamund Pike steals the show. Having not seen her in any other movies before (or at least not in memorable roles) and not knowing much about her, she delivers big time in this movie. Playing the role of Amy Dunne (the quasi-Stepford-eqsue wife) she leaves a lasting impression on anyone who watches the movie, and is a breakout star. Another extra bonus of Gone Girl is seeing Neil Patrick Harris in a unique and creepy role… which he nails.

2. Judgement With Friends
From the first few minutes of Gone Girl you will find yourself judging everyone in the movie. Picking apart each character of Gone Girl is something you will do, whether you realize it or not. Deciding who you believe and what you believe throughout the movie is half the fun. It is not really a mystery film, nor a true thriller, but it steals elements from both. I highly recommend you see this movie with at least one other person, because Gone Girl is the type of film that will have you whispering to each other throughout (and that’s a good thing).

3. The Ending
The ending of Gone Girl (remember no spoilers) is very polarizing. Some people hate it, while others love it. The best part is you will walk away from Gone Girl feeling something. The movie has a weird way of enacting an immediate long term discussion the second the movie ends. Whether you like the ending or not Gone Girl is a worthy two and a half hour journey worth taking.

Gone Girl is one of the rare movies this year that is a must see, just for the fact it is really different. Of course, like any other movie, it does have its small flaws (highly debatable ending) and is no way the perfect movie. However, true mind-bending movies that are not utterly predictable seem to be somewhat rare nowadays, which makes Gone Girl a must see for mystery and thriller fans alike.