3 Perks Of Being The Shy And Quiet Person


Shy is defined as being reserved or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people. I define it as being stubborn with whom you want to converse with. I wasn’t always a shy person, and in the past I was probably considered more shy than I am at present. While it isn’t always fun, being shy comes with its perks.

1. People don’t know who I truly am until they actually take the time to know me.

This often gives me leverage in deciding whether or not I want to surround myself with certain people and if someone is truly interested in getting to know me. It takes effort to break down heavily armored barriers that surrounds a shy person, and the person that actually possesses enough patience to do so is usually a keeper. This goes far in finding actual relationships as well.

2. Being the quiet one gives me plenty of time to dissect who you really are.

I’m wonderful at people watching and picking up good or bad vibes from another person. This is because I’m not lost in conversation so I get to watch everyone else. Basically, I’m deciding on whether or not you’re shady without having to experience your potential shittiness myself. Whether or not this makes me creepy, I’m still deciding – nonetheless, it helps me out.

3. Being timid also aids in making someone surprising.

I’ve always found other bashful people unpredictable because I can’t read them as well as someone who is constantly voicing their thoughts. This is almost attractive and it makes the person very interesting in my eyes. I would much rather hear the restrained opinions of someone who waits to express them over the person who can’t stop shouting how they feel about something. It’s intriguing.

Being shy isn’t always great. It can be socially repressing and often awkward. Yet, I embrace that trait in myself and others. It’s not always about being scared or even feeling as though you’re above other people. Sometimes it’s about being slightly more selective in whom you want to show yourself to.

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