3 Qualities To Search For In Your Partner If You Want A Love That Lasts


Comfort. Compatibility. Carelessness.

The three things that I believe are important in ANY relationship you may encounter, friendship or romantic.

 Comfort means you can grasp that courage to go out of your comfort zone with this individual due to trust and the drive for growth. Each time you step out of your comfort zone you grow a little more.

 Compatibility is obviously important, there needs to be things in common, conversations to be had, emotions to be shared, and whatever else one may throw in.

Carelessness. Carelessness in a sense of letting your hair down, being wild, not caring what that individual thinks of you, being able to be YOU and only YOU.

Make sure you search for that sense of comfort/compatibility with this person. Realize that you’re not worried about trying to impress, you’ve reached a new level of happy (ecstatic for lack of better words), and the ability to JUST BE. It is a rarity that you have these three things automatically or to the full extent with one single person.

When you realize you are experiencing it/have found it the moment seems infinite, but you can’t pause life regardless of how enjoyable a moment or experience may be. You can make it become infinite merely by holding onto the memory. You keep that memory close and positive and don’t let it turn negative no matter how hard it may be. You found an individual you can be completely humble, and in tune with. You feel as though you’ve known them for years rather than months, weeks, or even days.

If you come across one of these individuals,
 cherish them. Embrace them.

Don’t let the moment go to waste.
 Be happy and live in that moment. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t overthink it. Ignore the pain and accept that moment for what it is.

This whole topic relates back to everyone entering your life for a purpose, everything happening for a reason. Don’t sell yourself short because you’re afraid of the ending, everything in life ends with a goodbye–time length is the only hindering factor.

Endings have to happen, people have to leave. But they help make you who you’re supposed to be. 

Hold onto these moments. Be fearless. As much as you may want that moment to last forever, to not end, ask yourself how realistic is it? Sure things happen and work, but don’t bank on it.If it’s meant to be it will be, but keep with your own journey, don’t change anything. Don’t put anything on hold.

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