3 Reasons Broken People Are ‘Better’


1. People who have made more mistakes than other people are likely to forgive more

Because they know everyone make mistakes and although one tries to be perfect, there are times we are caught off guard and the insecurities seep in and we lose control of ourselves. And that’s okay. At least for the people who loves you and cares for you, that’s okay. They will accept you for everything you are and for everything you are not. They know that your perfections outweigh your imperfections.

Broken people know that your imperfection causes you harm and they want to be there for you when it happens because they want to make you feel better and make the sadness and feeling of worthlessness go away. They will be there for you because they know there’s so much good in you; the kind of good you don’t find in everyone. Whoever wants you to be perfect, whoever wants you to not have flaws, whoever wants you not to have issues because for them it is unacceptable or a bother, you have absolutely no need for them. Because they mistake this reality for a ready-made world where their demands are of top most priority and are realistic. In other words, they have not really grown up to realize that issues come with people who have experienced the world more.

2. People who have suffered a great deal of pain are likely to be more kind

Because they know what sadness brings and how pain feels. They will never allow you to go through the same thing they went through because they know it’s a deep dark path and not everyone can make it and the ones who do make it through are scarred for life. They will be kind to you because they know, pain begets pain and the only way to eliminate the pain from the world is the kindness we offer among ourselves.

3. People who have behavioural disorders are likely to understand you more

Because they know the kind of world that has been hidden from the mass. They know the silent walls of secrecy and shame. They know the words of the inexpressible; the same words you’ve been striving to utter.  They know all these flimsy ways of trying to pretend to be normal because not everyone can accept you for what you are; that there’s a stigma covering your whole person that traps you into one single definition – crazy. They take you seriously because they know no one else will and they know the pain of being misunderstood and being surrounded by people who will not give a damn. They will understand your words and your actions because they know the reasons behind them. They will forgive you for your flaws because they understand why you are what you are and why you do what you do.

They will understand you even when they can’t, 
they will.

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