3 Reasons The Discovery Of Antimatter Is Important To People Who Don’t Science


For the average Joe, the concept of antimatter is as alien as it gets.

It takes more than just a naked search to understand what antimatter is and how it is of importance to man. By definition, antimatter, which is composed of antiparticles, is the opposite of matter that when in contact together, produces significant amounts of high-energy gamma photons. (I know it’s all science, but read on and I’ll explain it.)

Disciples of particle physics believe that antimatter discoveries will have big implications on the world. But how does these discoveries translate to us, mere human folk? Here are three reasons why antimatter discoveries should be worth our attention:

1. Along with gamma rays, antimatter has been playing a role in killing tumors in cancer patients with limited damage in healthy cells.

Since 2014, scientists have been working tirelessly to perfect hadron therapy, a medicinal innovation that target-kills cancerous cells in patients without damaging the surrounding or nearby healthy tissues.

A Horizon EU report reveals that researchers recently figured out that when hadron beams hit the cancer cells, antimatter particles called positrons (antiparticles of electrons), are produced.

Scientists use these antiparticles as an indication or signal that the beams only destroy the tumors.

Professor Manjit Dosanjh, a biologist working at CERN, was quoted as saying, “One of the beauties of hadron therapy is that, by sparing the healthy tissue, you can also reduce long-term side-effects (of cancer therapy).”

2. Antimatter discovery can help protect the world from end-of-days asteroid impacts, or at the very least, disruption of mobile and Internet service.

Over time, communication systems have been the backbone of societies across the globe. From text messaging or calling loved ones, to managing businesses and governments from various locations, a short disruption to a form of communication system can create disastrous consequences.

The study of the impact of antimatter meteoroids in the atmosphere can help corporations and even the military of superpower nations to protect their own communication systems from these potential disastrous consequences.

Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli, along with two other astrophysicists, confirmed the first detection in history of antimatter galaxies, antimatter cosmic rays, and antimatter asteroids earlier this year. They used Thunder Energies Corporation’s very own Santilli telescope. Dr. Santilli is Thunder Energies’ chief scientist.

“Allow me to recall that Earth has been devastated in the past by antimatter asteroids although with less frequency of matter asteroids due to gravitational repulsion of antimatter by Earth’s gravitational field,” Dr. Santilli said.

“I hope that these studies will attract the participation also of our Military because, in the event our Country is hit by an antimatter asteroid the size of a football, all our civilian, industrial and military communications will be disrupted for days due to the extreme radiations caused by the annihilation of antimatter asteroids in our atmosphere.”

To encourage more related discoveries in the scientific community, Thunder Energies is organizing the production and sale of several variations of the very telescope that played an important role in Santilli’s antimatter galaxy discovery.

3. Antimatter discovery could make space travel affordable.

If space travel is a billion-dollar endeavor, the cost of sending people to space using the energy produced by antimatter can be incredibly lower. Because the output produced by the contact of matter and antimatter is pure energy, a handful of it could power huge, futuristic vehicles.

Symmetry Magazine reported that as of the moment, man has yet to come up with an efficient way to collect, contain, and control antimatter. However, it would only be a matter of time in the near future for a regular Joe to book a ticket for himself to space for some R & R.