3 Reasons Why Kanye West Is The Worst Human Being In The World


There’s only been one Hitler and just one Benito Mussolini. History will remember them as terrible human beings and lasting reminders of how horrible people can be. In our enlightened modern times, it seems the worst despots that most of the civilized world really has to contend with is the ruling family of a certain country in East Asia.

Even with Kim Jong Un faxing threats to neighboring countries and possibly feeding his relatives to 120 dogs, I would argue that the single greatest threat to world peace and prosperity is the man known as Kanye West. Why? Because he is in possession of an ego so unimaginably huge that if it grows much bigger, it threatens to destabilize the orbit of the earth itself, bringing about the very violent, albeit very quick, death of the human race.

Strong words, to be sure. So what is it about this man, who so frequently lights up the Billboard charts and enchants millions, that poses so grave a threat? Let’s have a look.

1. He’s a Proud Anti-Intellectual

Kanye West loves the sound of his own voice – so much so, in fact, that he seems to pay very little attention to the words coming out of his mouth. West has famously boasted of being a “proud non-reader,” despite his having released a “book” of his own (the term is used loosely here, as Kanye’s masterwork is a svelte 52-pages, many of which are blank). Decrying the work of novelists as “wordy” and “self-absorbed,” West admits that he’d “never want a book’s autograph.”

This distaste of intellectual pursuits, he claims, gives him a sort of “childlike purity.” He’s got the “childlike” bit right, anyway.

2. He Thinks He’s Just as Important as Cops or Soldiers

In perhaps the world’s most egregious example of delusional and misguided self-importance, West made headlines yet again when he compared his career as a “professional” rapper to the work being done by cops and soldiers throughout the world.

Said West: “I’m just giving of my body on the stage and putting my life at risk, literally.” Yeah, sure you are. At least he hasn’t compared himself to Jesus yet. Oh, wait: he did that, too.

3. He’s the Cult of Personality Made Manifest

The most curious thing about Kanye West is that he is treated with much the same sort of adoration as the likes of Kim Jong Un, with the exception that people elect to adore Kanye West, whereas in North Korea unwavering support of the ruling family is more-or-less seen (and enforced) as a moral and legal imperative.

A “cult of personality” is when a public figure uses the media to construct an idealized, god-like picture of themselves in order to earn support and adoration from the public. It’s most often a form of deception, with the created image totally at odds with both the actual qualities of the person and their opinion of themselves.

Kanye West is different because he actually believes what he’s saying. He possesses a self-image that’s so warped and, frankly, bizarre that it defies all reason.

The worst part is that he gets away with it. People will keep buying his music, even if he puts out an album about car parts or his favorite sandwich ingredients. If people paid just a little more attention to the moral fiber and integrity (or lack thereof) of the people whose pockets they’re lining, I suspect the entertainment industry would look just a little bit different (and so would our country).