3 Reasons Why You Might Feel Lost Right Now (And How You Can Find Your Way Again)


1. You’re lost because you let other people set the pace for your life.

I remember an instance when I think about this, I was on my second mountain hiking experience that time when our hike guide held my hand to set the walking pace for me. At first, I thought it’s good because she’s really helping us but after the long hours of walking I realized that what she did just made me more exhausted. It was more exhausting for me and I even slipped because she was kind of too fast for my own pace. I was carried away. That happens to us when we let other people set the time pace for us. It’s like seeing all your classmates get their dream job while you still don’t know what to do with your life. So the tendency, you’ll look for a job which will level up to your classmates’ not minding if you really CAN do the job or WILL enjoy it.

Do not compare your pace to others. Comparisons may only lead to two things, either you feel inferior that may lead to you being less confident or you will feel superior that may lead to you being too arrogant. Always remember, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…” (Ecclesiastes 3:1, NIV) God already plotted everything perfectly in your life. Let your pace happen originally like how He planned it.

2. You’re lost because you don’t choose your passion.

Another possible reason why you feel lost right now is simply because you are not happy. Why are you not happy in your life? It’s because you’re doing things you don’t even like to do. You’re socializing to people you don’t even want to be with. You’re plainly waiting for a day to pass and not really enjoying every minute. These things happen because you don’t choose your passion. You don’t do what really makes you happy.

There is a saying that people are prettiest when they talk about their passion. That is just by talking, how much prettier a person can get when what he does daily is connected to his passion? Imagine how pretty you can get by choosing your passion. So, allow yourself to be happy and do your passion. Have that burning desire to do things that you’re really passionate and you’ll see yourself glowing.

3. You’re lost because you don’t have Him in your life right now.

This is I think the last but the major possible reason why you feel so lost in your life right now. It’s because you don’t have Him or maybe you had Him but you choose to let go of Him when you felt that sudden breath of success or happiness or ease in your life. That’s what people do, right? We normally cling unto Him when we need Him and when we are not happy with what’s going on in our life. Once He helped us get back to our life, then that’s the time we let go of Him so easy. But that is ABSOLUTELY unfair and wrong for us to do.

So, do not just have Him in your life right now. Embrace Him as tight as you can. With as wide arms as you can, do so.

And you’ll never be lost again.