3 Reasons You Haven’t Attracted The Right Person Yet


You could be in a relationship by the end of this week.

I’m not joking. One reason you aren’t in one is because you haven’t met the right person. First, let’s get clear on who the right person is.

The right person is someone who wants what you want, and accepts you as you are (and you them).

Now if you meet a great person who isn’t interested in dating you then they are not the right person for you. They could be, but as it stands, they’re not.

If you meet a great person who you wish would change, again, not the right person for you. They could be, but at the moment, as they are they’re not. The right person for you is the person who wants what you want, and accepts you as you are and vice versa.

Meeting the right person is one of the biggest challenges single people face in dating. Apps like Tinder and resources like Match.com are popular for a reason. To put it simply they help us meet people. People, that we likely wouldn’t meet otherwise unless we spent most of our day looking for them. No one has that kind of time.

You might be single and wondering why you haven’t met the right person yet. Out of all of the options in the world, you’re still waiting to be thrilled by who you can date. If you’re not meeting the right people then you’re probably not in sync with what you say you want for the following reasons.

1. You are not this person.

Be who you want to date. I know you’ve probably heard this phrase a million times but I’ll reiterate it once more. Be the person you want to date. If for no other reason, other than the fact that when it comes to dating, we are all looking for ourselves.

Except we’re looking in the wrong place, another person. By being who you want to date you ensure that you are aligned with the right person for you and you increase your chances of meeting them. If you haven’t attracted the right person yet, it’s likely that you don’t have enough similar qualities to match with them either online or in person.

Wayne Dyer famously said, “You don’t attract what you want, you attract who you are.”

If you’re negative you will attract negativity. If you’re insecure, you’ll attract an insecure person. If you’re a homebody then utilize online services because your perfect person is probably at home too.

If you have a list, look it over and see how many of those qualities you posses for yourself. Think about the person that you imagine yourself dating.

Who is this person? Are they thin, tall, smart and if so, are you? Are you the person that you want to date? Are you exciting, thoughtful, interesting and as attractive as who you expect to meet and marry?

If you want to attract the man or woman of your dreams you must know who that person wants to date and become them. Better yet, you must already be so much like them that your energy attracts you to each other.

This is why meeting the right person is seen as so serendipitous. It’s really not. It’s just two similar people who happened to make the similar choice to be in a certain place at a certain time.

When you employ the attraction principle of like attracting like, it doesn’t mean that you will only come in contact with one type of person.

Like attracting like doesn’t mean that two perfect people will be attracted to each other. It only means that two people with similar core beliefs will be attracted to each other.

You will cross paths with several potential partners but you will only accept what you believe you deserve. What that means is the possibility of you meeting the right person for you is 100% but the probability of you dating them is greatly reduced by your attitude of worth and value.

2. You doubt their existence.

It’s hard to meet someone while doubting their very existence. If you want to meet the right person you have to, without a doubt, believe in their existence.

You are looking for them and guess what, they’re looking for you.

The person that you want to date is already alive and well. They are living their life somewhere in this world, on this earth, and it serves you to trust in their existence.

If you want to meet the right person and you’re ready to meet them then visualize that moment. Start to imagine what it will be like to have them in your life.

There’s a saying, you have to go there before you get there.

It basically means that you have to envision meeting this person, crossing their path and even having them in your life before they actually show up.

You have to hold onto the idea that the person that’s right for you is out there, and not that far away.

We make so many excuses for why we won’t get what we want that we create low expectations for our love lives. We tell ourselves that although we want these character traits so badly, this person we’ve envisioned just isn’t real.
I will tell you with complete certainty that they are real.

You have to raise your expectations, and believe that what you want exists.1 If you don’t expect to get the best results then you won’t. Once you start to expect to meet high quality partners, the chances of meeting them are increased. You’ll not only believe that you are worth this person’s time and attention but you will expect to get it.

3. You spend too much time with the wrong people.

You will never find the right person while focusing on the wrong one. Whether you are currently seeing someone, who is less than you want, or you are hung up on a past relationship, this tie to the wrong person is blocking the right person from coming into your life.

The confidence you need to accept more and move on is lacking. This deficiency makes connecting with the right person a challenge.

Why are you afraid to let go of the wrong person and wait for the right one? Why are you holding on to a relationship that is less than what you want? Why is this person not the right person for you right now?

These answers are easy to see but commonly ignored. If you want to make room for the right person to come into your life it means letting go. It means clearing your mind of the distraction of a better than nothing relationship or the frustration of an ex. If you want to attract the right person you have to clear the path from you to them.

You have to make it as easy as possible to accept the right person into your life and that means clearing out the baggage of past relationships.

So now that you know why you haven’t met the right person, how can you actually meet them? The steps are easy.

Believe in them.

Live without a shadow of a doubt that the right person for you exists and pass up anyone that is less than you want.

Ask for them to come into your life.

Quit telling the universe that love isn’t important to you or that you’re “ok,” not having the relationship that you want. When it comes to love you should want it, wish for it and work for it.

Expect to meet them.

Everyday is an opportunity to meet the love of your life. Show up for the occasion. Dress for it, get excited about it and take advantage of any opportunity to make it happen. Say yes to unexpected invitations or any subtle calls from the universe to be in new places.

Take inspired action to bring love into your life. It’s your right and you deserve it. I hope this was helpful.