3 Things To Understand When Grieving


Grief is not an illness that has a cure. It’s a combination of emotions rooting from an awful life experience. Grieving happens when you lose someone or something important in your life. Most people that grieve can’t focus well on the details of things they do every day, and others don’t even function at all.

You look for things to make you feel better, for a reason to be okay, and the thing of it is, you have to start from somewhere.

Answer your own question of “Why?”

Remember that there is always a reason; you just have to find the best one and live with that. If you have lost someone you love, or something that’s important in your life, ask yourself why. When you think that there isn’t a reason good enough, you’re probably right. There’s nothing that could justify why someone, or something was taken from you. That is your point of view.

Here are the truths that may be difficult to accept at first, but will be the cores of your greatest come back;

1. The fact that you are not the only one in this world who has lost someone or something they love

Know that every single person in this world has experienced loss. It may not have come in the way that you feel yours did, but to them it was also the worst thing that could have happened. Console yourself with the idea that you are not alone in this feeling. This is normal.

2. The truth that there have been millions of people who have moved on after their loss

This is something that should give you proof enough that it can happen, and it will happen. It will take time; maybe longer than you ever thought, but you will heal in a way that you would be better than you were before.

3. There is nothing and no one that could ever change what’s happened, and it’s going to be okay

It will be extremely hard, but at one point you will realize that not being able to have things under your control is not such a bad thing. Everything happens for a reason, and if that reason hurts you so much, then it is because it was meant for you to become stronger.

No man ever got wiser without going through a lot. At the end of the day, you will always be on better standing when you are the one who went through creating the foundation of your ground. Keep your head up; the best is yet to come.