3 Types Of Exhausting People That You Should Extinguish From Your Life


1. The King Of Everything

Why other people think their unsolicited advice on what to do with your life should matter is beyond me. I hate those people the most.

Their benchmark is themselves and if you stray too far from what they think is acceptable, they will think it’s their right to lead you to the right path, according to the direction they’re taking.

They’re exhausting beyond words. They always have something to say, even about things they don’t understand. The correct way of doing things is their way.

They think too highly of themselves and are so sure people who are not “them” need some kind of saving.

Opinions, advice, and suggestions are okay — but it shouldn’t be forced down other people’s throats. I hear you. I respect you. I understand. But it doesn’t mean that I’m going to oblige and change the life I’m living just because I’m not doing things by your standard.

If I do fail because I didn’t heed your advice, I won’t fret about it. I’ve learned, didn’t I? If you just don’t want me to make the same mistakes as you did, thank you. But really, I rather have a lot of mistakes of my own and learn from them.

You get to say ‘I told you so’ afterwards, and I get to be stronger and more experienced. It’s about time that you alarm goes off, dear. Wake up to the reality that we’re different. You have your own life to star on, let me star on mine.



2. The Psychologist

Suicide. Depression. I can’t even say those words without having to swallow a big lump on my throat. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it’s something that should be discussed loudly in public, much less be joked about.

I feel like it’s too sensitive of a topic to be tossed around in a conversation.

These days, people only know what they read. They’ll see a quote or two about depression and suicide and they think it’s enough to understand everything. That just because it has so many likes and shares they’re now knowledgeable enough to give their two cents on people who are suffering. It just doesn’t feel right.

Hearing them say how much they empathize with people who are depressed and suicidal in one second, and then talk about how we shouldn’t be too weak or we should value life more the next second, is just too draining.

I bet if they met someone who’s going through that pain, they’d jump at the chance to share their expertise. Like they think they are actually saving someone with those words of “encouragement.” Because Facebook says so. Because that’s what the Instagram post told them.

They don’t realize that the saving they want to do might add to the burden more.

3. The Rainbow Hater

I’ve always been a romantic. I’m just really into the idea that love can be a way to connect two people, even how impossible or forbidden it can be. I support love in all its forms. So hearing someone abhor gay people irritates me a lot.

I mean, I get it you don’t like that that dude likes the other dude, but hey it’s none of your business. I just don’t get where all the disgusts come from because it’ll always be adorable to me.

It makes me happy knowing that other people can love someone, even beyond gender, and that they get to be who they want to be and refuse to be restricted by what the world deems right.

You don’t like it, I get it. But that doesn’t give you the right to be their critics. Go on and spread your holiness and righteousness on things that need them the most, because I highly doubt that that happy gay couple who just got hitched cares about what you think.