3 Ways You Can Make Living With Mom And Dad After College So Much Easier


So it has been a crazy four years. Whether it be Red Bull and coffee to stay up for mid terms and final papers, or Red Bull and vodka to stay up for fraternity socials, you are used to running on empty, but you are especially used to living in an environment with no parental supervision. Mom and Dad don’t go away with you to college, but they sure as hell are there when you graduate.

There are two types of parents that a post-grad deals with. There are the parents who welcome their college graduate back home with open arms, and there are the parents who welcome home their college graduates with crossed fingers that they won’t be home for long. Which ever post-grad parents you find yourself dealing with, a big tip to make the best of your living situation is to avoid conflict at all costs.

If your parents ask you to do something, just do it.

You are after all living under their roof, and although they are genetically programmed to love you, there is always that chance that they will make you move out. Living at home is like a job in itself. If you are helpful to the household then you’ll be promoted. Maybe they will be less demanding, won’t ask you as many pestering questions about your weekend, or even worse your prospective job search. But if you are more of a bother than a helping hand, you may find yourself fired.

Get out and do things.

If you are sitting at home spending all of your time on the couch you aren’t projecting productivity. Your parents will just resent your laziness. Even if you are feeling a bit of the lazy post-grad syndrome, getting out of the house for anything at all can really make a difference. You don’t have to be out and about 24/7 searching for jobs and scrounging for money, but even leisurely activities that get your blood flowing can serve as motivation. Go check out the latest exhibit at your local art museum, try that new café down the street with a brand new book, sign up for a kickboxing class. Do something to get your butt of that couch and your feet out the door even if it isn’t necessarily “productive.” Inspiration and motivation can come from anywhere. Sometimes it is just a matter of getting out and about to help you find it.

Do something nice for your parents every once in a while.

Showing your appreciation can really set the tone for a happy home for both you and your parents. If you had to move back home after college chances are you did it to save money, or because you have no money at all. Either way, you couldn’t afford rent for that apartment you really wanted, and who was there with a nice warm bed and fridge full of food? Yes, your parents.

Although it might be not be your ideal living situation, especially compared to living with a bunch of 20 somethings just a couple of months ago, things could always be worse. Bottom line is you have a roof over your head and food in your belly. Be grateful for it. Show your parents that you appreciate their hospitality. Cook them dinner one night. Make them reservations at their favorite restaurant. Even something as simple as a card that says “Thank You.” If you show your parents that you’re able to recognize all that they do for you, they will most likely make your living situation that much more accommodating.