30 Life Lessons About Faith, Growth, And Happiness You’re Never Too Old To Learn


1. It is better to struggle and stop ourselves at the moment than do or say something that we will regret in the long term. We cannot put the toothpaste back into the tube.

2. It is better to apologize than hold a grudge towards someone that takes away from the better version of ourselves that we want to become.

3. It is difficult to discern what is right when we consistently water our roots to grow in what is not.

4. We do not have to accept the perception that others have of us. We can become someone incredible any single day of the week because the best parts of us stop hiding when it is us that ask them not to.

5. No one has it all together in life. Not one person, despite what social media portrays. Everyone has suffering that they hold in their hearts. We need to remember that next time we catch ourselves comparing lives.

6. The sun still shines behind the clouds above us on rainy days, although we cannot always see it. There is goodness to exist beyond the fog that we may only see right now.

7. Holding someone’s hand and looking people in the eye are intimate ways to get a better understanding of the kinds of things that reside in their soul.

8. Older will not mean wiser, and younger does not mean immature.

9. The more we stray away from God’s love, the dirtier our lives feel when we are spiritually conscious of that fact.

10. Taking moments to introduce ourselves to someone, help a stranger, or even make someone laugh at our own expense are important. They are moments the people of this world still kind of hope exist, though many of us value our independence and solitude. These are small moments that slowly breathe a gentleness back into this planet.

11. It is more liberating to get soaked in the rain and tell that story to others than always carry an umbrella cautiously waiting for the mere chance. Enjoy the chaos of life and don’t always worry about having everything in order.

12. Truly believing in ourselves and loving who we are not just overused phrases, but contain much truth about the level of confidence that a person exudes.

13. Smiles are completely free and could change the entire course of someone’s day, including our own.

14. We are always learning and the best thing we can do for others is to let people learn their own way too.

15. A year goes by much more quickly as an adult and those road trips that used to feel like an eternity as a child are actually only forty-five minutes away. We must choose our time wisely as we grow older since it will feel like we’re constantly fighting to make it slow down it in adulthood.

16. A life well lived is a life spent loving others, both when we are in their presence and when we are away from them too.

17. How we choose to think during those inconsequential moments in our lives daily is so important. They send us off to a specific direction subconsciously with a new energy vibe to emit that we have personally created. Others will feel that vibe, so make sure you are entertaining the right thoughts.

18. It is not always about being “the right one” in an argument. Even when we are. It’s more about considering what we can do now for ourselves to help us grow from that situation and prevent it from occurring again.

19. Every person we know in our life has taught us a lesson. Every person we still have yet to meet will have even more lessons to teach us.

20. It is okay to need others to lift us up and help us with the basics of life. It is okay for someone to be that soulful shoulder we silently reach for in times of hard growth.

21. It is normal to want to feel loved, to feel appreciated, not to feel abandoned, but instead thought of and to be desired for who we truly are along with whatever innocence is left inside of us.

22. What makes a boy a man and a girl a woman is not relevant to age, but rather it is attestation to how they love and respect themselves and others in times of triumph and tribulation.

23. Consistently busy is never an excuse. What people want in their hearts, they will go for. No hesitation.

24. The resource allocation of a person’s time is a personal choice and speaks volumes of what one deems to be of value. Pay attention.

25. Life can best be understood retrospectively, and concerning ourselves about what will add up in the future will only subtract away the peace of today.

26. We are never too old to follow our dreams, our passions, to fall in love and to find peace with a life we are in love with. Never forget that.

27. If we want to value the depth of our friendships and relationships with others, we have to remember that it is a two-way street we are driving on. We cannot expect others to want to stay in our lives if we do not make the time to show them we want them to.

28. The magnitude of respect others will have for a person is directly proportional to the level of discipline and respect a person holds for themselves.

29. It is okay to be outside of your comfort zone and to take a leap of faith sometimes. For there is more strength, dignity, and life to be lived in a person that willfully chooses vulnerability than one who consistently runs at the mere sight of it.

30. We will experience unexplainable sufferings and heartaches that can be physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual. While suffering can arrive in each of our lives in different ways, the best part is that we will never suffer for an insignificant reason. Some of us will suffer to look at other people more compassionately, some will suffer to learn to appreciate those around them more, some will suffer to later become a source of strength and inspiration for others, some will suffer to learn humility and grace, and some will suffer to learn that joy is impossible to find being attached to this world alone. But all of us suffer to find God in the midst of it, and find Him, we do.