30 People Reveal The Exact Moment They Realized They Weren’t Straight


These people from Ask Reddit talk about their most eye-opening moment.

1. When I was little and whenever I read books about a straight couple in love, and the woman was this firey goddess, I never wanted to be the gorgeous woman in the book, I was curious about how it felt to fall for one. I loved the idea of it. Then, I started to develop intense crushes on girls.

2. When I said to my friend, “This dude is cool, I wouldn’t ask him out, but if he asked me I wouldn’t refuse.” Turns out I’m gay and shy.

3. Met a girl via Twitter through a tag, started talking, then moved to video calls. Every time a notification came up on my phone from her, I got that warm faced, fuzzy chest feeling. “We’re just good friends,” I said to myself (like a liar). “She’s just really sweet and I like talking to her.” Four months of this and one day she mentions Philip. I ask her who that is, as I’d never heard the name from her before.

“Oh, that’s my boyfriend.”

“Oh. Okay. Recent boyfriend?”

“No, we’ve been together seven years.”

Around minute five of crying is when I realized… Crying about that and feeling like I’d gotten my heart broken wasn’t normal.

4. My therapist was doing a series of quick questions and asked, “You like boys?” and I was like, “Yeah.”

“And you like girls?” and I said “…no? I don’t know?” and he said, “Well, straight people normally answer that one waaay differently.”

Then it hit me, at 23, that I’m not straight (might be bi) and all the watching/reading lesbian porn, finding that actress pretty, fantasizing about a girl 2 years my senior, noticing great boobs/ass wasn’t me “being so ok with being straight that I was ok with having experiences with women.” I actually kinda like them so yeah, I was that oblivious.

5. Very first clue that I was bi was rewatching Harry Potter when I was 11 and wanting to make out with Hermione super bad. Then when I was 13 me and my friends were all at a sleepover and, since we were horny teens, we played spin the bottle. I got my best friend and it was like the best thing ever.

6. When my best friend came out as a lesbian and my brain went automatically, “YES WE HAVE A CHANCE WITH HER… wait.” So turns out I’m bi.

7. Basically, I got a text from a guy I met at school. Literally never talked to him outside of that one class.

The text said, “Hey, you’re pretty hot. Wanna fuck?”

Now, I assumed that my reaction would be no I’m straight, but I sat there and thought about it. Long story short, I thought he was pretty hot too. We chatted for a few days, sent some pictures, then we fucked.

8. I wrestled my best friend in middle school and realized in the middle of it that I prefer it when he’s on top of me.

9. Realizing I preferred lesbian erotic novels over anything else.

10. I wrote a very long diary entry in late middle school about how beautiful my best friend looked as she slept at a sleepover. I wrote in detail about her fluttering eyelashes, her smooth skin, her parted lips, her deep breathing, etc. I closed it out by saying that I’m not homosexual and I never would be, I just thought my best friend was a beautiful soul.

We started dating a couple of months later.

11. When I saw a woman dressed in a business suit, but with a skirt. She had on heels and tights with a black line going up the back of her legs. That sight with the click of her heels… I didn’t just like boys!

12. Sitting there googling “am I a lesbian” quizzes.

13. The first sign probably should’ve been little 4th grade me, after learning of the existence of gay people, laying there at night thinking, “Aww man, gay girls are so lucky. Wish I could date a girl! Oh well, guess I’ll marry a man.”

14. When I searched for porn and found a website that made me click which option I wanted to see. I clicked “gay.”

15. For me it was when I walked into a lamp post, looking at a beautiful woman walking past, whilst I was with my (ex now) fiance (male).

16. When I was having a sleepover with my friend and then he put his arm around me when we were going to bed. He fell asleep and I stayed up the entire time cause I was panicking.

17. I was around 6yrs old and got embarrassed that someone might notice I was trying to make every Barbie in my coloring book look like she was wearing a bikini. Thought about that moment a lot growing up.

18. I thought no one was attracted to men they just married them because they were supposed to. I thought “girls are just so beautiful everyone knows that.”

19. Realizing it’s not straight for women to be included in my fantasies so often and so intensely.

20. Black Swan. That is all.

21. My best friend fell asleep on my lap and I had the thought, “I want to kiss you,” and was like heyyy that’s not straight. We’re married now.

22. Watching the guy’s soccer team warm up before school my sophomore year. The serpent wants what it wants.

23. I asked my boyfriend if he was on a ship for like 30 years with only men, would he have sex with one? And he said, “No, I’m straight.”

“Well, me too, but I’d probably break on day 0 if I was surrounded by only women.”

And he said, “Uh, babe, that’s not a very heterosexual answer.”

And that’s I how I figured out I’m bisexual!

24. When I kept getting stupid injuries and overreacting to symptoms of illness to go see the kind and beautiful school nurse.

25. Making out with my 3 best friends every weekend in middle school to “practice for kissing boys” but doing it every single weekend.

26. Jade from Victorious. She made little 11 year old me feel a certain type of way. I blame Jade for the fact that I’m now a lesbian.

27. Me telling my wife, “I’m totally straight, but Neil Patrick Harris is hot.” “I’m totally straight, but Brendon Urie is hot.” “I’m totally straight, but Dan Levy is hot.” “Fuck… I might not be totally straight…”

28. I’m heteroromantic, easily, but I found out I’m bi-curious when I found myself fapping to the idea of getting topped out of nowhere, and rather than be disgusted, it just kinda felt… arousing.

29. Going down on my high school best friend in the science room storage closet.

30. In highschool PE I tried out for football. The coach was showing us how to tackle. Six there I was, getting full-on body-slammed by a 300lb tank with a beard and arms bigger than tree trunks. I. Did. Not. Complain. Turns out I don’t like football. I just like rough sex with bearish men.

Also, erections while wearing a cup are very uncomfortable.