30 Random Things I Love About Being Your Mom


1. You’re always 110% on my side when I get in fake arguments with people. It’s like having a tiny, adorable minion with me all the time.

2. You know the lyrics to all my favorite songs and can sing them with me at a moment’s notice. Poorly and with zero understanding of pitch or tune, but, somehow, that makes it even better.

3. We can go see the same kid’s movie at the theater half a dozen times and you love it as much as I do. Or at least fake it really well.

4. How cuddly and pathetic we are when we are both sick. It’s a sneezing, coughing, booger fest of love. Yum.

5. The time you woke me up at 5:30 in the morning on mother’s day to give me a card and then proceeded to fall asleep on top of me while I read it. It was so cute I forgave you for waking me up that early on a weekend. Don’t let it happen again, though.

6. You’re better at MineCraft and don’t rub it in.

7. “I love you more than Flamin’ Hot Cheetoes” and “I love you more than all of my stuffed animals, even the really fluffy cow one,” is a typical phrase in our home.

8. Your teacher told me you write several page long stories in your school journal every day because ‘I want to write stories just like my mom.” The FEELS.

9. When you fake having a night mare just because you want to sleep with me. I pretend to hate it, because you should really sleep in your own bed, but I always snuggle the crap out of you when you fall back asleep.

10. The way you sleep just like me; mouth wide open, drooling, and legs all tangled up in the blankets. Poor kid.

11. You hate dresses and gravitate toward jeans, t-shirts and chuck taylors. Thank god… thank god.

12. The time you brought an old pair of shoes to school for your friend because her feet hurt and her parents couldn’t afford new shoes. I almost passed out I was so proud.

13. If any of my friends (or the boyfriend) teases me about being a nerd, you immediately insist that you’re a nerd too. Because nerds are awesome. High five.

14. We made up a really awesome handshake and do it in public because that’s how cool we are.

15. That time you kicked a boy at school in the private parts who had been giving you a really hard time (sorry I had to ‘punish’ you for that, by the way) and then got honor roll the next day. I felt like I was the mother of a future badass genius.

16. You’re great at math; it’s your strongest subject. I could cry I am so grateful. My eyes are tearing up as I type this out. Keep it up kid, a few more grades and you’re going to surpass me.

17. You understand when I’m sad even when I’m doing my damndest not to act like it and just quietly hug and sit with me while I read or lay on the couch. You’ve perfected the art of quiet comfort and that’s awesome, buddy.

18. When you help me make breakfast-for-dinner and we turn the music on really loud and dance around the kitchen, which typically leads to burnt pancakes but is always worth it.

19. You remember my favorite movie, book, color, food, phrase –pretty much everything, it’s incredibly heartwarming and beautiful how effortless it seems to you.

20. You called me every single day after my surgery while you were with your dad. I could hear the tears in your voice and how hard you were trying not to seem sad. You were so very strong and brave and I was so proud of you.

21. You cried during the movie Brave because the mom almost didn’t come back. It was super cute and you got mad at me for smiling so much.

22. You’re always down to try out my most recent obsession and tag along with my harebrained ideas. To you, I’m always brilliant –you’ll learn the truth one of these days, but until then…

23. You’re always pointing out owl stuff, or making me owl stuff, because you know I love them. You’re awesome, have I told you that recently?

24. You like making and creating things more than playing with dolls or watching T.V. I feel like this is a good sign.

25. You laugh like a crazy person when you watch something funny and even if it isn’t funny your laugh always gets me going.

26. You used to say kitty cat ‘titty tat’ and I giggled about it. Every. Single. Time. I’m giggling right now; people are looking at me funny.

27. You’re reading the first Harry Potter book and when I picked it up the other day I saw that you had been writing in it, just like I write in my books. I had to sit down and breathe for a few minutes. You’re killin’ me kid, killin’ me.

28. We make an amazing team in Disney Infinity. We’re like one soul, one unit, one being… okay, I’m done being poetic about a child’s video game… but it’s totally kickass how great we are together at that game.

29. You always get good grades and I wish I could take some sort of credit for that but I think you might just be really awesome. Also, how do you ace every spelling test!? That crap was so hard for me! I mean you even get the bonus questions. Jerk.

30. Every single thing you do that drives me nuts because I pretty much do all of them myself. Ironic, isn’t it?

31. I couldn’t stick to 30, way to ruin everything. Sheesh.

32. It’s always been me and you against the world, kiddo, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, a better motivator, or a brighter soul. You’re beautiful in every way and the most amazing thing I will ever do with my life. Even when you won’t finish your dinner and say ‘like’ so many times I kind of want to scream.  Me and you kid, me and you.

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