30 Reasons Why Independent 20-Somethings Are Winning At Life


1. Being alone doesn’t bother you at all. Be it in a crowd, walking alone, eating your brunch at your favorite brunch place. Point is, being alone just doesn’t seem to bite you…. No sting at all.

2. You are confident that you can do your own thing alone. A little help from someone will be fully appreciated, but if there’s none, it’s okay.

3. Traveling solo is on your bucket list.

4. You believe that you deserve to have that once-in-a-while luxury day/night like going to the spa, binge eating, buying new clothes, get new hairstyle or purchasing something online because why not? You worked your ass off and you are entitled to have everything you want.

5. Confident enough to surpass any dilemma that inevitably comes along the way.

6. You never stop learning because making a mistake is a must in your life. You are not like some other people who treat mistakes as a taboo. Rather, you make it as your best teacher in life.

7. You know your worth. You don’t push yourself to something or someone you know that doesn’t have a place for you and someone who doesn’t treat you the way you deserve. You are too precious to settle on things less than you deserve.

8. You are not afraid of eradicating toxic people in your life because… why the fuck not? Who do they think they are?!

9. You can take care of yourself. Sure, having someone to take care of you when you feel a little bit under the weather seems ideal, but let’s face it! Sometimes they doesn’t exist so you are left with yourself and its completely okay. I mean seriously, who would want to be treated like a baby? I don’t.

10. You are flawsome. If there is one thing that Tyrion Lannister taught is ‘If you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.’

11. ‘A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of the sheep.’ –Tywin Lannister.

12. You don’t need somebody to complete you because you already are. If someone worth wasting time and worth of all the hassle might come along the way, it’s just a bonus; otherwise, it’s not the end of the world.

13. You don’t conform to the substandard list of society. You let yourself be and you don’t care what those ignorant imbeciles say and think of you. You are a proud nonconformist!

14. On the other hand, you’re not all tough. You are also open to syncretism of your belief and ideology to someone’s especially if they make sense. You are into truth and reality rather than anything else.

15. You have a very few real friends or maybe you don’t. Yet, you believe that it’s truly okay because it’s better to spend your time on other people, or your pet or yourself where you can be your authentic self. Nothing beats the comfort of being real.

16. Everything you have right now is from the sweet, hard-earned juice of your hard work. You rarely ask for anything. You never want to hear people say ‘If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t have that!’

17. You don’t wallow too long on grief, regret and sorrow because you know there’s nothing else you can do about it.

18. Being misunderstood is a part of your existence but it’s okay because you understand that not everyone can grasp and appreciate the beauty of your chaos.

19. You have a very few limited amount of fucks to give so you give it wisely. Your fucks are too precious to give away to those people who are not even worth fucking for.

20. You don’t get emotionally attached on other people because, reality is, people are so unreliable. They said you can rely on them through anything but is gone when you’re in dire situation. People are so fucking baffling.

21. You are emotionally, spiritually and physically confident. You don’t need any validation from other people because loving yourself is the best thing you did for yourself.

22. You hate people when they tell you what to do (exception is work). You just hate it when people treat you like a marionette.

23. You don’t always play by the rules. You bend it. Breaking the rules isn’t really part of your style but bending it for the sake of being interesting is a must. Nothing makes you crazy than a boring, normal and cliché things!

24. You are your own hero. You don’t rely on the comforting words of anyone because you do it yourself. You don’t wallow on negative thoughts.

25. You accepted that life is a bitch and you’re learning how to grind on it well.

26. Your limits are not dependent on your surroundings. You believe that there is much more you can do.

27. You don’t chase people. Just the idea of it makes you nauseous.

28. You don’t believe in luck. You believe in hard work, patience and perseverance.

29. You often rely on your instinct and mind rather than your emotions.

30. Expecting something from other people is one form of suicide.