30 Signs To Look For That Tell You It’s A Forever Kind Of Love


How do you know if he is the one? Is he hubby material? You thought you had been in love before, but that didn’t work out. Looking back, you realize your ex was never right for you. What makes this one different?

What’s going to keep you from getting bored in a few years? What truly makes a man a good match for you to marry? 
If you can say yes to all or most of the items on this list, I think you’ve found your prince charming.

1. He is your best friend.

2. He respects you as a person.

3. You can tell each other everything and anything- good or bad. Total honesty is key.

4. You can overcome arguments and come out on the other end stronger.

5. You can forgive each other. We all make mistakes. It isn’t worth letting love go.

6. He makes you smile every day. You deserve to smile every day.

7. The two of you can do anything together and it will end up being fun.

8. You are willing to do things you don’t necessarily want to because you know he will appreciate it.

9. He makes you feel like the most special woman in the world.

10. Your sex life is on fire. You two are only going to get older and uglier from here, so you better start off hot, hot, hot! Men and women have the need to feel desired and wanted.

11. You can be playful, silly, and childlike together. It is rare that you get these opportunities to let loose as an adult- the two of you can be total goofballs together.

12. You can Netflix and Chill and ACTUALLY watch Netflix and Chill, and there is nothing better.

13. You can be your lazy, gross self in sweatpants, no makeup, and popcorn in your cleavage and he will still think you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

14. He forces you to face challenges and overcome obstacles.

15. He would never do anything to make you feel bad about yourself, put you down, or hurt you.

16. You are concerned for his well-being. You care about his happiness and health.

17. You feel pride. You are proud of his accomplishments and achievements because you’ve seen what he has done to get there. You support each other’s goals.

18. Your friends and family love him. Your friends and family are the best judges, besides yourself, on your happiness! They only want the best for you, if your family loves him just as much as you do- that is a great sign!

19. You still do special things for each other. Life gets tedious! When you are constantly busy with work, friends, bills, whatever- it is hard to keep the love alive! Keep doing little things here and there for your man to let him know that you care. A little goes a long way!

20. He protects you. Not just physically, but emotionally. He is your bodyguard. You trust him with your life.

21. You can discuss finances and spending habits. Part of being married is learning out to spend and save money together.

22. You have similar values, morals, beliefs, and ideals about life. While opposites do attract, the core values and morals of a person are usually similar to their partners’. This is the foundation of who you are as a person and the life that you want to live. It is important for couples to understand what is important to the other.

23. You integrate well into each other’s lives. Everything just seems to flow naturally.

24. When he goes out with his friends, you are never worried. You trust him completely. You do not feel the need to check up on him, or see who he is with. You know that he loves you and respects you enough not to put your relationship in jeopardy.

25. He makes you a better person. He wants you to improve and be the best self you can be because he loves you and he wants that for you.

26. You talk in future terms with each other. You consider him when you think about the years to come and the life that you want.

27. You picture babies with him. Don’t tell me you haven’t tried to morph the two of your faces together in an online baby making app. They’re adorable. The thought of making a little human with this person makes your heart swell with a happiness you’ve never felt before.

28. You could never imagine your life without him. You are a team in this life, and you need each other.

29. You feel like your life hadn’t begun until you met him. He opened your eyes to a whole new world and you have never felt so alive.

30. Something just feels right. You can’t quite put it into words. It is moments like when you are lying next to him, running your hands through his hair, watching him sleep and you just get an overwhelming feeling, you just know- he is the one.