30 Solo Dates That Will Help You Get To Know Yourself Better


Due to social media and the popular hashtag “relationship goals,” doing things alone is seen as odd or feels uncomfortable. Many people want to be in a relationship just to update their Facebook status when they haven’t even begun to learn about themselves. That said, here are 30 dates to go on with yourself.

1. Go to the movie theater. If you love movies, consider signing up for a movie pass.

2. Eat at a restaurant you’ve never been to before (or an old favorite). I promise that it is not as scary as it sounds. You can listen to music or watch a show on your phone.

3. Take a paint and sip class. Obviously, you don’t need to drink alcohol if that’s not your thing. There are plenty of one-day painting classes that are geared towards creative fun. Do a google search to find a class near you. Another plus is that there are also evening classes for those that work during the day.

4. Go to a concert or music festival. The idea of going to a concert alone may sound terrifying, but why miss out on your favorite artist because you can’t find a friend to go with you?

5. Try snorkeling. It’s sort of like visiting the aquarium except you get to swim with the fish.

6. Travel to another state or country. Traveling takes you out of your element and requires you to be open. There are many programs for people looking to travel to another country, and there are alternatives to staying at a hotel, such as staying with a host family or renting a bed at a hostel.

7. See a play or musical. You can watch them at a college or university for much cheaper than a theater.

8. Visit the local zoo or aquarium or travel to a nearby state to visit their zoo or aquarium.

9. Visit an art museum or an art exhibition at a college. If art is something you enjoy, then visiting a museum or exhibit will be a great way to meet strangers who share your passion, which is much better than dragging along your friend who may not share your enthusiasm.

10. Take a painting or pottery class. There is just something about creating something with your hands; it can give you a sense of creative freedom and for some can be very relaxing.

11. Go salsa dancing (or take any other dance class you are interested in). If the only reason you haven’t signed up for that hip-hop class is because you can’t get anyone to go with you, then you’ll never go. Instead of holding yourself back, take the plunge. Find a beginners class—I guarantee you’ll enjoy it, as well as meet some great people.

12. Go on a tour bus. You’ll be surprised by the little treasures hiding in your state.

13. Treat yourself to a spa day. It doesn’t have to be your birthday or a special occasion to treat yourself. There are plenty of deals you can find online if you are worried about the cost.

14. Take a cooking class. Even if you don’t know how to make packaged ramen, taking a cooking class will give you a new sense of adultness. Also, you can show off your new skills by bringing a dish to a family event or inviting friends over for a potluck.

15. Go for a bike ride. With bikes that you can rent from the city, it is easier than ever to take a bike ride. You can take a sightseeing trip on a trail or cruise around.

16. Have a picnic at a park or on the beach. Trust me, no one is going to wonder why you are there alone. You have the opportunity to catch up on reading, work, or simply enjoy the weather.

17. Go to a poetry club or comedic act. Go out and enjoy an evening of laughing or listening to amazing poets. Maybe even share your own poetry or try your hand at stand up.

18. WIne and dine yourself. The best part is you can eat while you watch TV or listen to an audiobook while you cook. Even better, you can be totally comfortable in your PJs or sweats, since no one is there to judge your appearance.

19. Head to your favorite coffee shop with a book or your laptop. At some point, you’ve walked past a Starbucks or Cafe Nero filled with people doing various things while they enjoy their grande latte swirl with extra whipped cream.

20. Have a fancy bath with candles, petals, and a bath bomb. Heck, you can even have a bottle of wine or a beer, put on your favorite playlist, and just relax.

21. Go stargazing. When the sky is clear, consider taking a blanket outside to gaze at the stars and moon. Make it fun by looking for constellations.

22. Go to a brewery or wine tasting. Some breweries and wineries have tours so you can learn about the process of how beer is made or learn tidbits on what to pair with wine.

23. Go to an arcade or video game cafe. Gaming cafes are a fun way to meet people who enjoy the same games as you.

24. Visit a botanical garden. Botanical gardens consist of beautiful arrangements of plants. The displays will leave you in awe, so be sure to snap a few pictures to share on instagram.

25. Take a hike. It is great exercise and can help clear your head, as well as force you to get away from your phone, as there is no wifi on hiking trails. That said, make sure someone knows where you are going and set a time you plan to be back.

26. Volunteer at an animal shelter. Allergic to animals? Then volunteer at a soup kitchen.

27. Nothing says Fall more than apple picking. Afterwards you can get creative in the kitchen by making apple pie, apple crisps, apple cider donuts, and other apple recipes, or simply give away the extras.

28. If you are brave, go ziplining. This activity isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you are an adrenaline junkie, this is just a step below bungee jumping.

29. Plan a snowboarding or skiing trip. There are plenty of people who snowboard or ski by themselves, so you definitely won’t be the odd one out.

30. Have a staycation at a luxury hotel. With the pools, spas, room services, comfy beds, and restaurants, your options are almost endless.