30 Thanksgiving Thanks


1. For people who encourage you to try, and want you to succeed.

2. For weirdos, dorks, loners, freaks and introverts.

3. For people who are in a battle, and scared to death, but stand and fight.

4. For people who try to arm themselves with facts.

5. For people who return phone calls, text messages and e-mails.

6. For small courtesies like holding a door, allowing others to go first, waiting patiently.

7. For nickname givers, fun lovers, warm embracers

8. For people who leave a situation better than they found it.

9. For false starts, lessons learned and near misses.

10. For truth tellers.

11. For common ground finders.

12. For spotlight shunners.

13. For party throwers.

14. For benefit of the doubters and second chance givers.

15. For appreciators.

16. For people who don’t parse words, split hairs, massage messages or spin bullshit.

17. For path pavers.

18. For defensive drivers.

19. For forgivers.

20. And forgetters.

21. For silver linings, unintended consequences, unexpected benefits.

22. For listeners.

23. For includers.

24. For optimists.

25. For think before you actors.

26. For antibiotics, antidepressants and antacids.

27. For bacon flavorers.

28. For mistake admitters.

29. For quirks, differences, weird tics, odd habits.

30. For complimenters, smokers and laughers.