30 Things Every Woman Who Refuses To Settle Forgets To Thank Herself For


1. For not fearing the unknown more than she fears choosing less than what she genuinely wants.

2. For placing her trust not in the idea that the world will give her what she needs – but that she’s capable of getting it for herself.

3. For the intuitiveness that tells her there’s something better out there, even if she doesn’t know what it is yet.

4. For her inherent drive.

5. For the fact that she could become the kind of parent that teaches her kids not to choose what’s easy just because it’s in front of them.

6. For not valuing comfort over happiness.

7. For knowing that comfort and happiness are not the same thing.

8. For valuing what she thinks more than she values what those she wants to love and accept her think.

9. For learning how to take care of herself in every way, and not waiting or relying on someone else to do it for her.

10. For using all of the losses in her life as catalysts for a better future.

11. For being able to trust in things she can’t always see or quantify.

12. For not letting the little voices paralyze her.

13. For wanting to be better, and letting her character assume her fate.

14. For loving herself enough to want the best.

15. For loving herself enough to know she’s worthy – and capable – of having the best.

16. For the discomfort that tells her she’s capable of being more.

17. For knowing when she doesn’t like parts of herself, and loving herself enough to make them better.

18. For having more faith in what’s possible as opposed to what’s true right now.

19. For wanting to leave a legacy.

20. For not caving even when things seem too much to bear.

21. For defining herself by what she loves as opposed to who loves her.

22. For being a success story, not a statistic.

23. For not letting her childhood determine the rest of her life.

24. For having the courage to be blissfully optimistic, and to keep working in that direction no matter how dark the fear of failure can become.

25. For standing by her principles, even when it means a job or a partner that she really wants is ultimately not right for her.

26. For the willingness to grow.

27. For finding her energy in what she does, not in the attention others give her for what she does.

28. For doing the hardest and most important work of all, which is carefully selecting who she spends most of her time with.

29. For knowing that she’ll be okay, because she has the capability to *make* her life okay.

30. For being brave enough to break her own heart.