30 Things That Black Guys Like


If you know a black guy in his twenties I’m willing to bet he likes at least three things off this list. This list is no particular order.

1. Meek Mill.

2. Retro Air Jordan’s. Even if he doesn’t wear them anymore he has respect for the legendary sneaker.

3. NBA 2K. I know guys that play this game religiously.

4. White Girls with style. Its no secret that black guys like white girls but when she’s stylish its like an inescapable attraction.

5. Anything from the dollar menu.

6. Not having to wait in line at the Barber Shop. Imagine walking into the Barber Shop every Friday night without a line, easy in and easy out.

7. Having the respect of a tough guy without being actually being a tough guy.

8. Floyd Mayweather.

9. Being considered attractive by women of other ethnicities.

10. Cubic Zirconia stud earrings.

11. Fresh Haircuts.

12. WorldStarHipHop Videos.

13. Girls that can dance.

14. Fitted Hats or snapbacks.

15. Army Fatigue Pants or Shorts.

16. Michael Jordan.

17. The NBA.

18. Martin.

19. Ramen Noodles.

20. Big Booties.

21. Their Grandma. I don’t care how tough this guy may act or look you better believe he loves his Grandma.

22. Debating who’s the Greatest Rapper.

23. Debating who’s the Best NBA Player.

24. At least One of Lil Wayne’s Carter Albums.

25. Friday.

26. Ciara’s Ride Video.

27. When Drake said “Bitch you wasn’t with me shooting in the Gym.”

28. Kim Kardashian. Black guys love Kim…and she loves Black Guys.

29. Kanye West’s College Dropout Album.

30. Barack Obama.

image – Shutterstock