30 Things You Can Do Instead Of Swiping Through Tinder Yet Again


1. Jot down a list of five things you love about yourself.

2. Read that book you bought six months ago but never got around to reading.

3. Get really fucking good at yoga.

4. Take a drive while blasting your guilty pleasure music.

5. Make a dish you’ve never cooked before.

6. Call your parents.

7. Become the best version of yourself, for yourself.

8. Remember where you were a year ago and write down all the ways you’ve grown since then.

9. Create a five-year plan, complete with every tiny detail of how you’re going to reach those goals.

10. Breathe in deeply. Breathe out completely.

11. Buy two disposable cameras and call a few friends and spend the afternoon using up the film.

12. Plan your dream vacation: where’d you go, where you’d stay, your ideal budget, who you would want to come, etc. Then make it happen.

13. Go for a long walk, without headphones, without your phone, and just become one with nature.

14. Find your new favorite podcast. Set notifications on your phone for new episodes.

15. Clean and rearrange your room. Wash your sheets, dust, reorganize your closet, even get a few new pieces of decor. Make your room a space that is a representation of you, and no one else.

16. Become a hardcore bullet journaler. Get the fancy pens, the nice Moleskin, and map out your life.

17. Write your best friend a letter telling them how much you love and appreciate them. Or just text them if that’s not your thing. Whatever works.

18. Get in the best shape of your life.

19. Watch a documentary on Netflix that inspires you to think about life in a way you would have never considered before.

20. Volunteer for a cause you’re super passionate about.

21. Take a long shower.

22. Color. Seriously, it’s not just for kids. It’s great for stress relief.

23. Find out when a band you love is coming to town next and figure out a way to get to that concert.

24. Write down a list of things you want to improve about yourself. Realize that self-love means being willing to invite growth into your life, even if it hurts a little.

25. Draw with charcoal.

26. Do a crossword.

27. Watch a foreign film.

28. Learn a new language. Get a friend to do it with you so you guys can have conversations.

29. Laugh loudly.

30. Go out and try and meet someone in person. Strike up a conversation with a stranger you think is cute and see what happens. The worst thing that can happen is they’re uninterested and you move on to the next.