31 Completely Empowering Lessons I Learned In My Late-20s


1. Ego is overrated. If you want something, you need to let that go. Self-respect is something else.

2. When you ask for a favor, skip the small talk and go straight to the point.

3. Shared values between a couple are more important than shared interests.

4. It’s not about what you say, it’s about how you convey your message.

5. Constantly seek ways to optimize work for productivity. You will be surprised how many things can be done differently and more efficiently.

6. If anyone makes you feel self-conscious for posting selfies, keep taking more selfies because you won’t look this good in your 60s.

7. Embrace your enemies. They will always provide you with opportunities to keep you motivated.

8. If you want something bad enough, first you need to have a clear direction.

9. The secret to happiness is to keep growing. To keep growing, you have to keep learning.

10. An episode of TED Talks every day keeps the stupidity away.

11. If you only read self-help books, you’re going to keep thinking about your emotions. Challenge yourself with a different book genre to shift your focus. e.g. stock Trading

12. Just because you’re not sharing on social media doesn’t mean you’re not achieving great things.

13. You can chase love, but your goals should always be your priorities.

14. Bouncing back from setbacks is not enough unless you take with you the lessons you learned from past failures.

15. You don’t have to confront the people that don’t matter to you. Save your energy.

16. Learn something new every day before you go to bed.

17. Birthdays don’t always have to be about going all out and getting wasted.

18. Once you have made a decision, don’t look back.

19. You don’t have to apologize for being drunk every single time. No one cares.

20. Don’t underestimate the power of small changes in your daily routines e.g. making your bed in the morning will encourage you to do another task and another.

21. You can learn anything quickly, but repetition is key to success.

22. In order to stop thinking about someone, shift your focus to your goals.

23. Actions alone don’t speak for words, there is also consistency.

24. Spend as much time as possible with your parents.

25. Childhood friends don’t always mean true friends.

26. Whatever your boss tells you to do, always suggest doing more.

27. If you ever embarrass yourself, just remember you’re going to die anyway.

28. Save money by investing in quality pieces. Some things may be cheap but will cost you more in the long run.

29. Pick wisely who you seek advice from. All advice is based on past experiences.

30. Keep your problems to yourself unless you absolutely need to talk about it.

31. Women are allowed to chase men. Believe me on this.