31 People Discuss The Ridiculously Cringeworthy Fads That Started In The 90s


Thinking back to the 90s, when people wore light denim, and drove boxy cars, men and women wore some ugly-ass glasses, I can barely breathe at all of the stupid things I was into in grade school. God, I am so terribly sorry for my parents who had to deal with not one, but two boys that were crazy about yo-yos (which we lost, like all the time), crying over Tamagotchis and those really un-stylish zip-off pants. I’m really sorry mom and dad. Please, forgive me. Read more cringeworthy things from the 90s on this Reddit thread (and tell me if it took you back in time).

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1. Full of adware, shitty buffering, and a terrible layout

Real Player.

2. There’s an app for it now

Tamagotchis. Who in their right mind would keep an electronic device on them at all times that constantly demanded their attention?

Thank god we are more enlightened now.

3. God, that was so douchey

Saying “not” after making a sarcastic comment.

4. So you’re telling me The Jersey Shore could’ve been right out of the 90s?

Hair gel, hair gel everywhere. Spiked hair, scrunched hair, wet looking hard hair.

5. Guilty

I remember quite a lot of bowl haircuts.

6. We were wannabe badasses

No Fear shirts.

7. Psh, this guy over here

Nothing. It was all rad. RAD. ALL OF IT.

8. Remember the Budweiser commercial?

One of the first girls I had a crush on in grade school. We lost contact because I moved away in late 1999. Fast forward a couple years, I found her number and got excited to talk to her again. In my preteen mind I thought I would seem so cool to her and show her how I was still hip. So she answers the phone and I say “Waaaaaassssup!?”…….most awkward 3 minute conversation ever after that. It was the epitome of shame for me when I think back on it.

9. Torches. Torches everywhere

The vast majority of Geocities and Angelfire sites. So many low-res gifs and technicolor Comic Sans text…

10. If you don’t know this, I feel sorry for you

Drawing the letter S and starting it this way

I I I “>I

11. 3-in-1

  • Boy bands
  • Overalls with one strap down
  • Macarena

12. Why did we think that was cool?

Zip off pants. You know, the ones that were long pants but you could unzip the bottom half and make them into shorts when it was hot? I wore those throughout my childhood. Kind of miss them.

13. Damn ravers

There was a brief period in the 90s where it was cool for teenagers to walk around with pacifiers in their mouths. I didn’t do it, but I had two cousins (who would desperately fall into any fad trap that came along) who did. I just relentlessly made fun of them until it all blew over.

14. Don’t remind me, please

JNCO Jeans.

15. Yeah, how did this happen

The explosion of the usage of the word “duh”.

16. Was it a fad to have AOL, or a necessity at the time

AOL and Compuserve. We’ve come a long way.


Wallets with chains and giant steel ball necklaces. Good god. It was like people were wearing anal beads on their neck.

18. Guaranteed Dateline appearance


19. We can thank Clueless for that

Mini backpacks. Saying “Whatever!” and making a ‘w’ using both thumbs and index fingers. Kelly Bundy type bangs. Planet Hollywood.

20. I had them too

Pogs, I had them, but I didn’t really know how to play.

21. I threw up a little from laughing so hard

Limp Bizkit.

22. I knew a kid named Fernando who rocked this


23. Hell, the 1890s was a really weird time

Scrunchies, stone washed jeans, and beanie babies…. Yeah the 90s were an odd time. But hey, at least they weren’t as weird as the 80s.

24. American Apparel sells them

Stretch pants with the elastic band that went under your foot.

25. The 90s was a vulnerable time

Remember those Big Johnson t-shirts that featured horrible puns about having a large dick? Yeah, those.

26. People have to experience it firsthand to get them to stop

I probably deserved the valuable lesson I got from wearing stupidly wide raver jeans.

Jnco wasn’t enough. No, I had progressed to Kikwear. 36″ bottoms. I am not a tall lady – my legs are particularly short – so not only did the bottoms of my pants get shredded and destroyed, to the point where the heels of my sneakers tore holes in them, but I tended to look like I was a melting candle. Or a melting hovercraft of some sort, since I appeared to have no feet.

They were also prone to getting soggy if it rained. If the hems got a little wet, the dampness would start to creep north a bit. Like up to your shins.

Well, the family eventually took a trip to Ireland one summer, and I was still pretty into those stupid pants at the time.

You see, in Ireland, it rains a LOT. The ground is almost always a little bit wet. That creeping damp got serious. Nothing made me feel dumber than having my jeans soaked up to my thighs with grody, grody sogginess. All walking around feeling like I was wrapped with a wet towel. So heavy, so uncomfortable.

The best decision I made before 11th grade was buying some damn reasonable-width flare and boot-cut jeans like what pretty much every other sane girl was wearing at the time. And tossing the denim potato sacks I had been wearing previously.

27. I still can’t believe we did this

Guy’s haircut with part in the middle. Glad I avoided that one.

28. Xtra Zest

Overuse Of “X and Z” on EVERYTHING Xtreme.

29. Guy Fieri would give you a look you’d never forget

Two words: frosted tips.

30. I had velcro sandals…

Velcro strap sandals. Even worse when we wore socks with them.

31. This should basically be the Guy Fieri article

Button-down flame shirts.

Basically the fashion precursor to today’s fedora.

I’m surprised no one said Internet Explorer.