31 People Reveal Their Secrets To Living A Healthier Life


As hard as you might try, it gets difficult to follow through with healthy habits, especially when you’re doing it by yourself. Read this Reddit thread for more advice on health and a community that will motivate and give you support when you need it.

1. It’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time

Cut soda completely out of your diet. Drink water instead.

2. Drink a glass before you eat, too

Whenever you crave something, but you can’t quite figure out what it is, drink water. You’re craving water.

3. Remember to wear comfy shoes

Walk. Walk as much as you can. Every day you can.

4. We all need this

Get more sleep.

5. But what if you don’t have any food? Oh whatever

Shop on a full stomach, you won’t end up buying a load of junk food.

6. This guy… *golf clap*

One very simple trick I use all the time: On a diet? Craving fries/ice cream/cake/junk food? No problem!

  1. Take two tiny pieces of whatever you’re craving (a couple of fries, two bites of cheese cake)
  2. Fill up a glass of ice cold water.
  3. Eat your first piece.
  4. Chug the shit out of that glass of water.
  5. Wait 1-2 minutes, then eat your second piece.

You’ll have satisfied your tastebuds/cravings, tricked your body into thinking it got full off junk food (SURPRISE BITCH, IT’S WATER), and all of that with minimal/negligible caloric intake.

Not only that, satisfying your cravings keep you sane, and helps you stick to your diet.

7. Sometimes, you just have to get off your butt

Exercise daily. Even if it’s just walking for 20-30 minutes. Maybe go for a run, or a bike ride.

8. Improve your balance while getting clean

Stand on one leg while brushing your teeth.

I was told to do this while recovering from a leg injury, and have kept it up ever since as it really helps build up the musculature and tendons in your calves, as well as improving your balance.

9. Lesson learned

Escalator? fuck that, we are walking.

Elevator? fuck that, lets climb 50 floors of stairs.

Taxi? fuck that, we walking, son.

10. Dentists love asking this question

Floss. If you don’t like to do it with just string, there are tools you can use that make it much easier.

11. Become a coffee minimalist

Learn to drink your coffee black.

12. Sensible advice

Just because food is there doesn’t mean you have to eat it.

It’s amazing it took me so long to figure this one out. That last donut? It can hang around for a while. Kind of full after eating one pizza slice? The world won’t end if you don’t take another. Is it possible to eat less than an entire row of cookies at a time? Yes, yes it is.

Walking will not kill you. You don’t have to get the closest parking space, or jump back in your car to go to the shop at the opposite end of the shopping center.

Another bit that took me entirely too long to figure out: you can indeed digest a meal without pairing it with juice, soda, beer, or any other sweetened/alcoholic beverage. Water is actually fine.

And lastly, if you do get fast food, you don’t have to get the entire meal. Half the time you’re only at McDonald’s because you craved some fries–doesn’t mean you have to get a burger and a drink to go with it. It’s okay to buy just a burger, or just some fries, take it home, and eat it while drinking water from your own fridge.

This all seems like common sense to me now, but thinking back to what my attitudes on food and exertion used to be, it’s wonder I wasn’t 400 pounds.

13. Haha…ha…h…a…

Take that 5 minutes and masturbate one more time.

14. Calm your nerves with this one simple trick

Not an advice to make your body healthier per se, but turn your phone off from time to time. Psychological stress can cause many problems, even physical ones.

Maybe try a whole day, on a Sunday for example. Or when you are with your friends, have everyone turn off their phones and make those relationships healthier!

15. Nature’s candy

Eat fruit instead of desserts/candy.

16. Dammit, WebMD

See real doctors rather than googling shit.

17. And make sure it has some edible goodies

Grow a garden.

18. Less partying

Drink less booze. As someone who has gone from drinking a few beers 4-5 times per week to just 1. I feel amazing, and have shed about 5-6 kgs in 3 weeks.

19. Hmm…popsicles in my freezer

Start thinking of food as fuel, not as something that makes you happy. Eat when you’re hungry, not when you’re sad or your brain is telling you, “It would be fun to eat ice cream now!”

20. Pale people, be aware

Wear sunscreen. It’s so easy and maybe you won’t have skin cancer down the line. And trust me, you can still get tan while religiously wearing SPF 50: I do it every summer. There’s an art to tanning without burning – learn it.

21. Add some hot sauce for a little kick

Spread avocado on your toast instead of butter. Add a little salt and pepper to it and it tastes great!

22. Even better advice

  1. Get off the internet, and read a book. Limit your time online, stop checking your phone over and over. If you do it a lot then turn the thing off for a while altogether.
  2. Eat bananas as a snack. They are incredibly nutritious.
  3. Try to be mindful of manners and decency, your own and others. Self-awareness and awareness of others is often in short supply with people.
  4. Never be last man standing at a party. Never over drink. Once you’re tipsy have some water. When things start to get really messy get the hell out.
  5. Don’t answer questions you don’t want to. Don’t be a dick about it either. Be amiable or have some wit. If a person persists then they’re being rude about it.
  6. Exercise. Nothing crazy required. A few simple compound movements, squats and deadlift in particular will do wonders and take very little time. Some cardio is important too. Long walks or take up running. It’s cheap and feels amazing once you get going. No one is judging you.
  7. Cook and keep your home relatively clean. Both are psychologically rewarding and are just plain decent practice for a grown ass human being.
  8. If you know people that seem to draw the life from you or are overly negative then they might not be your friends. These vampires exist. Cut them out like a cancer.
  9. Become a member of some club or society. Running, fencing, rowing, boxing or some other martial art. Whatever you’re into.

23. Obvious, but needed advice

Never start smoking.

24. Eat sparingly

Don’t eat things that come pre-packaged (think potato chips, granola bars, frozen meals, etc.)

Started this about six months ago. After eating mostly all-natural foods and some regular exercise, I am proud to say that I am down eight pant sizes and about two shirt sizes.

25. Farmer’s market — support your body AND your neighborhood

Buy fresh foods once a week and non perishables (rice, pasta, etc.) once a month. I eat way more fruits and veggies that way. Try to hit up a farmers’ market if you can.

26. Soothe your mind


Doesn’t have to be anything sophisticated. Just twenty minutes a day of calling a timeout and doing some deep breathing does wonders.

27. High blood pressure is no joke

Reduce your stress levels. Stress is insidious. Even if you think you are handling it well, your blood pressure is up, your cortisol levels are higher, and, in the long term, physiological changes occur which lead to worse physical and mental health.

28. Really obvious, but a the majority of you are guilty

Stop eating fast food altogether. Nothing good can come out of it.

29. Food tastes cleaner when…

Stop eating out, even if it seems/is cheap. Start buying/making your own food. It’s a good life skill, and it will actually start to taste cleaner and better than eating out.

30. Memorize this

Stop making excuses. Easy to say, hard to do.

31. So relevant

Don’t let vague, self-helpy advice on the internet make you think that you need to change your life.

featured image – Flickr / Tomas Sobek