31 Truths I Wrote In My 10th Grade Diary


On a rainy Sunday while cleaning my room I happened to find my grade ten diary. With nothing better to do I opened up the diary and read it front to back. What I found was actually quite surprising. My current 21-year-old self actually liked my sixteen-year-old self a lot. At sixteen I had some pretty interesting thoughts on life that were genuinely profound and beautiful in a way that only a naive sixteen-year-old could have come up with. So I decided to share with you a comprised list of all the best experts from my diary.

1. “I want to take a break from this not knowing anything.”

2. “I texted Chanel and Danielle telling them I got my hair done and neither of them even asked how it looked. Danielle went on about her new shoes and Chanel went on about a boy she likes. DOES NO ONE CARE ABOUT MY HAIR?!!!”

3. “I didn’t wear makeup today to school and to tell you the truth I felt the exact same.”

4. “I can’t wait to be twenty. I feel like I’ll be so wise and when you get older you meet cool people and do cool things and have more freedom.”

5. “My life just keeps getting better and better.”

6. “Me and the girls went out with some older grade twelve boys yesterday. We all wore short shorts and they told us they liked it.”

7. “The only consistency in my life is my ability to overanalyze any situation.”

8. “Today at work I hung out with the cooler gang and lied about having smoked weed before. When I came home I felt all weird about myself. I guess its important to always be who you are or else you’ll get a weird feeling when you lay in bed at night.”

9. “ I want to live life being happy with who I am.”

10. “Every time I think about Jon I decided to make myself think about gumballs instead to help get my mind off him.” *Cue two pages with the word gumballs

11. “I know all I do is talk about boys and friends but maybe that’s all a girl needs to be happy.”

12. “My hair straightener just broke so this week is going to be the worst week of my life.”

13. “I’m really angry with Jon but I also want to make out with him so I don’t get it.”

14. “I want my life to be like a Taylor Swift song.”

15. “Why is it so easy to notice all the bad things but so hard to see all the good?”

16. “One thing I give myself credit for is that I don’t give up on what I believe in. I hope that never changes.”

17. “Boys come and go. Don’t let them break your heart.”

18. “I hope I never need a man to make me happy.”

19. “My relationship with my best friend Danielle has made me realize that true love exists in ways people never thought.”

20. “He makes me sad more often than happy and I guess that’s not what a relationship should be like.”

21. “I just kind of want to get drunk because I heard from friends it makes people do funny things.”

22. “I want someone to love me for everything I am. Including my love handles and my weird obsessive rants.”

23. “I don’t kiss on the first date. Period.”


25. “Don’t fall so deeply in love too fast because boys are ALL jerks no matter what they may seem like at the beginning.”

26. “Bad things are guaranteed to happen so you may as well learn a lesson from it.”

27. “Patrick told me I looked beautiful and that was a sweet thing to do because I really didn’t feel beautiful at all today.”

28. “Not only does he flirt with younger girls, but he also stole my phone that boys I like could be texting me on.”

29. “Someone told me I look like a leprechaun today. So when I got home I spent an hour in the mirror figuring out ways to make myself look less leprechaun-y. I think I need bangs.”

30. “Dom was mad at me because I wouldn’t take my top off for him but I have way more self respect than to do that for a boy.”

31. “Sometimes I just wish life was easier.”