32 Things I Googled When I Was 13


1. How do you call Loveline

2. How long do braces take

3. What is French kissing

4. How to French kiss

5. How to get a boy to like you

6. When will I get boobs

7. When do people get their belly buttons pierced

8. Sum 41 hot guy singer

9. Can someone be pushed all the way into a locker

10. How to get out of gym class

11. When will I get boobs

12. What is a penis

13. Why are penises so gross-looking

14. Justin Timberlake REAL screen name

15. Who has been looking at your AIM profile

16. How do you tell someone you have a crush

17. What is the difference between a tween and a teen

18. Is this better than Ask Jeeves

19. What is the best way to kiss someone

20. Is the girl a ho if she kisses first

21. How to be on two AIM profiles at once

22. What do boys talk about

23. When will I get boobs

24. What happens if you don’t get boobs

25. Sexy women with braces

26. J.Lo’s lip gloss

27. What is high school going to be like

28. How to tell if a boy has a crush on you but doesn’t want to say

29. Curse words in other languages

30. When will I get boobs

31. Do boys only like girls who wear Abercrombie

32. How to buy Abercrombie online without a credit card.

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