33 Deep Thoughts On Vacation Prep


I’ve done a fair bit of traveling in my ripe old age of 25…plusafewmoreyearsmaybe. I’ve lived abroad, slept under stars in the Australian Outback, explored Mayan Ruins on a bike decked out in Disney Princess stickers, and have definitely eaten my weight in local cuisine at least 15 times over. I just can’t turn down a good fish taco, people.

What I’m saying is that I’ve grown to become really seasoned at packing and prepping for trips. A lot of people procrastinate, over-pack, panic, emotionally-eat, make impulsive purchases, and stress themselves out to the point of exhaustion in trying to prepare for a vacation, which kind of negates the whole point of the vacation. I never do this. Ever. Cool as a cucumber. So, in an effort to help you have the least amount of stress possible in getting ready for your next vacation, Im offering my own expertise; a glimpse into my thought process as I prepare for my upcoming solo trip to Costa Rica.

Feel free to write these down.

1. I really should’ve used those three Hot Yoga packages I bought on Groupon.

2. Does doing squats while I brush my teeth count?

3. These squats have really shortened my tooth-brushing time.

4. I’ll just do a juice detox and use the new vibration weight-loss machine we got at work; the one that makes me feel like Shakira, but also like my internal organs are about to rupture.

5. Is that a box of Cheez-Its??

6. Okay how can someone possibly be this white? Am I even allowed to wear shorts like this? Is transparent a trend yet? Hahahaha FUCK.

7. If this horseback riding guide doesn’t let me gallop on the beach, I swear to God.

8. I’ll just slip him some extra cash. That’s super sleazy. Oh well.

9. How many books should I bring? I’m probably gonna read a LOT, like on the beach and in the airport and on my balcony and in my hammock and at a cafe next to a cute stranger and…

10. Maybe I didn’t need to order seven books for my E-reader…or six paperbacks based solely on how to never date another narcissist…oh and those four romance novels from Amazon…but they were my very own personalized suggestions!

11. I probably should stop at Anthropologie since I’m downtown already and see if they have something comfy for my plane ride, even though Target is only five blocks away and I could buy basically the same white tee for $5.

12. Are those riding boots on SALE? Wait but they’re $175. Haha that’s bullshit. Oh but they WERE $350! That’s actually a killer deal. Okay wait, I’m shopping for Costa Rica, not the Kentucky Derby. But I would totes wear those next Fall. I’ll just get them.

13. Anthropologie has WEDDING DRESSES now?? Okay I can’t be that girl, I’m like 20 years away from being tagged and bagged. Walk away. But THIS one. Omg. This has Grecian Goddess written all over it. Oh yea I would look totally amazeballs in this. I’ll just take a quick picture and put it on my secret Pinterest board.

14. Of course I waited til the last minute to get a Brazilian and now I’m lying on a cowhide rug in my living room with Seinfeld in the background, trying to rip hair out of my own vagina. Lovely.

15. Are my BLINDS open? …Fuck it.

16. (Rip) Alright. That really wasn’t that bad. Haha people are such pansies.

17. (Bigger rip) Okay, there it is. Yep. That’s what I remember. This feels like fire. I have fire crotch and I’m not even a redhead. It’s burning. Am I bleeding? How do I do this to people all day? Why am I such a weeny? Who can I call that would bring me Vicodin? Or whiskey. Okay maybe I’ll just make it a bikini wax and call it good since I basically want to kill myself right now. I don’t need to do the full-meal-deal anyways. It’s not like I’m gonna get tequila-wasted and have a romp with a chiseled Latin bartender.

18. Maybe I should get tequila-wasted and have a romp with a chiseled Latin bartender.

19. How many Pizza Hut Dinner Boxes have I ordered this week?

20. Don’t answer that.

21. Do I honestly only own 2 thongs? Who stole all of my thongs!?? And one of them is five sizes too big! What was I smoking when I bought that one? Are my Victorias Secret “cheekies” close enough? Who gives a fuck about panty lines, honestly. Does anyone actually like having a piece of fabric stuck up their ass crack all day? I don’t care whose ass it is, guys cannot possibly think it’s that hot to take off some girl’s g-string with their teeth when it’s literally been hot-boxing between two butt cheeks all day.

22. How am I going to smuggle a bottle of coffee creamer into my carry on?

23. Maybe googling “Most dangerous creatures in Costa Rica” wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.

24. If I start praying to this “Jesus” dude now, will it prevent me from waking up with black scorpions all over my face?

25. Well, my apartment officially looks like my closet threw up all over it.

26. I’m not bringing ANY makeup on this trip. I’m gonna be in the jungle, for god’s sake. And also because I’m a badass.

27. Okay, maybe just mascara.

28. Okay, mascara and concealer. You never know how your skin will react to that kind of humidity, after all, but that’s IT. Well, maybe one lipstick. Just a nude shade, though. Nudes are so in right now. I have 16 nude lipsticks?? Woops. Oooh, there’s that shiny new purple-y gloss I just got! I’ll probably need that in case I wander into some cute little town and go salsa dancing. Oh, I should really take bronzer, so I don’t scare people. Where’s that limited edition blush palette I just bought?

29. I wonder what the penalty is for smuggling a monkey back with me.

30. These Seinfeld bloopers are getting really distracting.

31. Can I pay someone to pack my bags for me? Does that exist? I would do some really unspeakable things if I didn’t have to make anymore decisions right now.

32. Where’s my passport?

33. Fuck it. I’m calling Pizza Hut.