33 Things You Don’t Need To Feel Bad About


1. Turning down invites to places whether it’s because you have responsibilities or you simply don’t want to.

2. Hitting a (possibly suicidal) bird while driving.

3. Being late for work. They likely keep you after your scheduled shift from time to time; so don’t feel guilty for clocking in a few minutes late.

4. When you miscalculate and have to leave a lower tip than you typically would.

5. Being afraid of the dark. (With all of the paranormal movies and television shows coming out in recent years, our imaginations are being fed terrifying material.)

6. Falling asleep during Oscar nominated films.

7. Rejecting advances from a person you’re not interested in. (It’s better than leading them on, though it may not feel like it at the time.)

8. Waiting for someone to finish his or her ramblings so you can begin telling your more compelling story.

9. Going number two in a friend’s toilet.

10. Not understanding Inception. Or any movies with baffling plots and confusing storylines for that matter.

11. Being emotionally invested in a reality television series.

12. Getting intoxicated on a school or work night.

13. Stopping a few reps early on a set during your workout.

14. Enjoying Nickelback’s music.

15. Nodding your head and smiling after not hearing what a person said. Once you’ve said “What” multiple times it’s easier to just pretend to have heard, and move on with your day.

16. Making friends with someone specifically because you mutually dislike another person.

17. Not being a fan of Starbucks, or coffee in general.

18. Deciding at some point that you’re simply not going to be productive for the remainder of day.

19. Snatching the right-of-way from the possession of hesitant drivers.

20. Knowing a list of plenty things that you would wish on your worst enemy.

21. Having blatantly biased opinions about 80s and 90s television programs being significantly better than all others.

22. Taking advantage of opportunities to nap despite the flawless weather outside.

23. Not worrying about how satisfied customers are after you’ve put in two weeks notice.

24. Drenching specific foods in either syrup, ranch, ketchup — or some other condiment that they aren’t traditionally soaked in.

25. Finding cartoon or video game characters legitimately attractive.

26. Wasting hours upon end contemplating life’s deepest wonders — e.g. how graffiti finds its way to signs above highway and interstate overpasses.

27. Purchasing a Zune at some point, despite the existence of iPods.

28. Keeping up with the Kardashians by regularly or binge watching episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

29. Falling for someone’s lies or deception. (Just be more cautious so it doesn’t become habitual.)

30. Utilizing Google Chrome’s ‘incognito window’ daily, for a number of different reasons.

31. Liking Batman & Robin starring George Clooney. And I don’t mean ironically, I mean legitimately finding pleasure in those 125 minutes of film.

32. Not being able to get into using Instagram.

33. That you don’t feel bad about something that seems like you should. 

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