33 Things You Never Realized Are Slowly Destroying Your Relationship


1. Pretending you’re fine when you’re secretly upset.

2. Snooping through their phone when they leave the room.

3. Staring at your phone while they’re trying to talk to you.

4. Making them pay for every meal and every date.

5. Saying yes to sex every single time, even when you aren’t actually in the mood.

6. Seeing each other 24/7 with no breaks in between.

7. Only seeing each other for a few hours each week, if that.

8. Telling them who they are and are not allowed to hang out with.

9. Flirting with other people behind their back.

10. Flirting with other people in front of them to make them jealous.

11. Going to the same exact restaurant and having the same exact conversation every time you see them.

12. Using sex as a way to control them or convince them to give you what you want.

13. Forgetting to say please and thank you whenever they do something nice for you. 

14. Looking like a mess every time you see them, because you only dress up when you go out with friends.

15. Lying about small things, like how long it’s going to take you to get ready or when you’re leaving the house to drive over.

16. Breaking the promises that you swore you would keep.

17. Ignoring them when you’re out with a group of people.

18. Forgetting to introduce them when you run into an old friend or a relative.

19. Comparing them to one of your exes or a celebrity — or anyone at all.

20. Using low blows and curse words during a fight.

21. Telling your friends private details about your relationship.

22. Refusing to apologize or admit when you made a mistake.

23. Only having sex when you’re both completely wasted.

24. Letting them do all of the chores around the house without helping out at all.

25. Accusing them of cheating without an actual reason.

26. Giving them the silent treatment when you’re mad instead of having an actual conversation to solve the problem.

27. Refusing to compromise with them, because you always want to get your way.

28. Getting overly jealous whenever they go out with their friends without you.

29. Criticizing their weight, height, or any other physical aspect about them.

30. Trying to change them — even though they’re happy with themselves and don’t want to change.

31. Keeping score of how many more times you’ve done something nice for them and how many more times they’ve screwed up.

32. Running away when things get hard instead of facing problems.

33. Taking their love, their time, and their effort for granted.