34 Beauty Article Ideas That Didn’t Make The Cut


I write pretty often about beauty, and while I’ve covered a lot of different aspects of it, there are some topics that didn’t quite make the cut. Maybe I just haven’t found the right place to pitch them yet.

1. How to Glow So Hard It Looks Like You’ve Been Feasting on the Hearts of Exes

2. Red Lipsticks the Color of my Ex-Boyfriend’s Blood

3. Matching Your Lipstick to Your Labia

4. Makeup Inspired by Oscar the Grouch

5. Tweezing Your Boyfriend’s Nose Hairs: A Love Story

6. Beauty Lessons You’ll Learn While Living in an All-Female Compound

7. How to Do a Full Face of Makeup with Items from the 7-11

8. Can Crisco Work as Moisturizer?

9. That One Ingrown Hair I Always Get When I Get a Brazilian Wax

10. Top 10 Reasons Why Having an Ingrown Hair Popped is the Worst Thing Ever

11. Does a Diet of Only Mashed Potatoes Make You Beautiful?

12. Yes, You CAN Recreate a Lisa Frank Poster on Your Face

13. Makeup Looks Inspired by Normcore. LOL, That Means No Makeup!

14. Makeup Looks Inspired by Me in 6th Grade

15. Matching Your Makeup to Your Uggs

16. Why Do I Have Butter Under my Acrylics AGAIN?

17. Really Mean-Looking Eyebrows: A Guide

18. No, Really, I Slept 12 Hours – Melatonin as a Beauty Aide

19. Tweezing Your Brows While Heavily Intoxicated is a GREAT Idea: Let me Tell You Why!

20. Getting Your Ass Picture-Perfect for Butt Selfies

21. Makeup So Garish It Would Make Divine Blush

22. How Much Glitter is TOO Much Glitter?

23. Let’s Get Creative: Kitchen Cosmetics!

24. Will People Look at Me Weird if I Go Out Dressed as Rose in the Ice Water?

25. Beauty Lessons I Learned from “The Golden Girls”

26. Unlikely Beauty Icon: TrimSpa Anna Nicole Smith

27. Even More Unlikely Beauty Icon: Anna Nicole’s Decorator Bobby Trendy

28. Beauty Looks Inspired by Mildly-Terrifying Childrens’ Show Characters. Like, Lady Elaine from “Mister Rogers” and that chair with eyelashes from “Pee Wee’s Playhouse.”

29. Butterfly Clips CAN Be Cool Again if You Believe in Yourself

30. I Let a 3-Year-Old Do my Makeup; Here’s What Happened!

31. Drugstore Mascaras I Tried and Liked … Oh Wait.

32. Beauty Looks Inspired by my Eternal Muse, the Fancy Feast Cat

33. Kale on UR Face

34. Foods You SHOULDN’T Eat in a Bubble Bath