34 Ideas About Love And Other Facets Of The Human Condition Worth Considering


The most universal secret is, “I hurt.” Everyone has a secret, and it’s a secret for a reason.

Secrets exist to protect oneself or others from hurt. They are most deeply rooted when felt with guilt or shame.

If you can’t think of a question to ask when judging a decision, it is fair for someone to expect you to have been in the same situation.

One may exercise a lesser hurt in order to quiet a greater hurt.

Hurt is not wrong. Hurt is not something you fix but rather process. You cannot un-hurt no matter how vaguely or clearly the reasons are understood. You can only feel it and eventually not feel it so much.

If someone is eerily wise for their age, love them.

Love is unconditional. If there are conditions, it is business.

Sometimes you have to love from a safe distance.

You will be misunderstood. You will misunderstand. Hurt does not require intent.

Nearly all relationships founded in hurt and healing exist for the purpose of ending. One does not visit a doctor or take medicine once one is feeling well.

Sometimes you just have to sit silently and let your friend know you’re sitting silently.

One of the worst things you can do to help a person who is feeling hurt is to try to understand why before you understand how much.

If someone isn’t in the mood to talk, let them know that you will be back to check up with them. Return, and check up with them.

“I don’t know” is a perfectly acceptable answer. Silence, however, will almost always result in misunderstanding.

Hope is absolutely necessary. Hope is useless.

Disappointments result from expectations.

You get to hurt, too. The word “selfish” is not evil. Both hurt and compassion take effort that must be restored with rest and nutrition.

Your legacy has little to do with parenthood and has much more to do with the passion(s) you inspire in others.

You are never more alive than the moments spent following a passion for which you would give your life.

Eyesight is the least intimate of all the senses. Compare the number of people you have seen in your life to the number you have tasted.

Do not confuse beauty and attractiveness.

It is not fair to compare anyone’s pain to anyone else’s. You may instead compare situations and decisions.

Loneliness is not being understood.

It will always be hard times for dreamers, because they’d be doers if they knew how.

A person will have all the closure they need if they feel they are right.

The word “should” is responsible for more hurt than any other word — even for oneself.

Both hurt and love are irrational and not completely controllable. Give them that respect, and allow yourself and others to be human.

Trust is a feeling.

The feelings that you have are based on your own experience. They aren’t wrong. Someone may disagree based on their own experience. Such a person would not be wrong either.

You cannot change the present because it is too fast. You cannot change the past because it is too heavy. You can affect the future, but you cannot control it.

Sometimes the only reason to explain our hurt is the possibility that we will be on the listening end of a similar discussion, and somebody inexperienced will not be able to understand.

It is not stupid to make a mistake; it’s stupid to not learn from it. We’re all stupid.

It is only when we completely shatter that the decision can be made of what pieces we pick up and what pieces we leave behind.

Health then responsibility then happiness then kindness then beauty. You may have to (or wish to) deviate from this order every now and then, but notice when you do, and compensate when you can.

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image – Corbin Corbin