34 Questions About Racial And Cultural Stereotypes


The questioners asked anonymously and assumed the stereotypes were true. Found on AskReddit.

1. Why do black people like grape flavoring so much?

Black people, why grape?

2. Why do white people like cheese so much?

White people: Why do you always have so much cheese?

Edit: Shit. I get it. Y’all like cheese! Message received you crazy ass crackers.

3. Why do people say Mexican food burns their ass?

I am Mexican and I wanna know why people say mexican food burns people’s anus/ass????? ( It makes no sense to me :/)

4. Why do Indians have bad body odor?

A lot of Indians I know have pretty bad BO. I get that it’s partially a cultural thing but are you just biologically conditioned to ignore it or what? Can you not smell it on yourself?

I don’t really care what causes it, honestly just wondering if you even notice it or you just learn to live with it or what..

5. Why can’t Italians eat quietly?

Why are Italian families so damn loud at restaurants?

6. Do white people feel threatened when other races move into the neighborhood?

White people, do you feel threatened when too any immigrants move in? I’m Asian and when I first moved to Cali my whole neighborhood was white, but as soon as the other minorities were rolling in they began leaving and now the street is all Asian, Indian, Black, and Hispanic

7. Why do angry black women keep repeating the same sentence?

Why, when angry, do black women shout the same sentence over and over? They’ll pick a couple key phrases and just get stuck in a Howard Hughes loop.

8. Are black and white people’s pubic hairs similar in texture?

Do black people’s pubes have the same texture as white people’s?

9. Are blacks ashamed of low-class blacks?

Black people, are you as ashamed of your low class people as us whites are of rednecks / trailer trash?

10. Why do white people wear shoes indoors?

White people: Do you guys actually wear shoes inside of your houses? Isn’t that really unsanitary? I’m in Canada and from the limited number of white people’s houses I’ve been to, this doesn’t happen so I’ve always thought it was a myth…

11. Why are Filipino men henpecked?

Why are most older Filipino men look so beat down by their wives?

12. Why do white people leash their children?

White people: Why do you put leashes on your children when walking around with them, and why does it seem that they are in charge when out in public?

Curious black male.

13. Are there any happy Japanese people?

Are people living in Tokyo at all happy/fulfilled? And why does the culture seem so oppressive?

Every time I hear about japan’s workaholic, very reserved culture I can’t help but think no one could be happy there.

So basically, is any of that true?

14. Why do white kids talk disrespectfully to their parents?

White people: why do you talk to your parents any disrespectful type of way? What is that about? I wish I would tell my mom or dad to shut up. All hell would break loose on my ass.

15. What’s with the “N” word double standard?

Why do black people throw around the N word like it’s meaningless while if someone else says they have a shit storm

16. Are Germans ashamed of their history?

How do the younger generations of Germans feel about living in a country with a horrible past?

17. Why do Indian men wear sandals?

What is with you Indian guys and wearing sandals everywhere? Also the popped collar thing?

18. Why do white people act ghetto?

Why do white people feel the need to act ghetto to be tough or act ratchet to be ironically funny?

19. Why do white women have savior complexes?

White Women: why do you think every other ethnicity and culture needs you to save them?

TW: a generalization

20. Are white people bothered by the rise of Asia?

White people, what’s your view on the potential rise of Asia? Does it bother you or intrigues you that there is a possibility that Asia will call most of the shots in international politics?

21. Do all black people know one another?

Here’s one for black people, and I’ve always wondered this. When I’m in the city, I always see black people talking to, shaking hands with, and hugging, other seemingly random black people. Do they really know each other? Or is it purely a black camaraderie kind of thing?

22. Can Asians tell one another apart?

Can chinese people tell the difference between other chinese people and those from a different asian country like japan?

23. What’s with all the black family reunions?

Black people: Why do you guys have so many damn family reunions? At least once a day I see a black person with a “__________ Family Reunion” t-shirt

24. What’s with Asian drivers?

Asians : What is it about driving that makes it absolutely impossible? Why whenever I see someone in the fast lane doing 20mph below, or crossing 4 lanes of traffic with no blinker, or parking in the most cattywampus position, or drifting over into other people’s lanes, does it almost always turn out to be an Asian person? Is it a lack of a gene that doesn’t allow muscle memory pertaining to driving or do you really just not give a shit about anything happening outside your vehicle?

25. Why are the English hung up on Americans?

I want to know why the English think that it’s ok to target Americans about EVERYTHING, but no other culture. I have people just come up to me and say how great it is, or how awful it is, that I’m American. But I’ve never seen them do this with Polish or Italian people, for example. Like you don’t just walk up to an Italian’s table at the pub and say, ” God I just love your accent, I love Italians, you are so Italian!” Whereas I get that sort of thing regularly, and other American’s I’ve talked to have experienced it too.

I genuinely want to know why this happens.

26. Why do black people cross the street so slowly?

Why you black people cross the street so slow?

27. Why do Hispanics shop with their entire extended family?

Hispanics: when you go shopping somewhere, why do you take your entire extended family with you? It’s always husband and wife and two or three kids and maybe an uncle and usually at least one grandparent and possibly some cousins as well. Why do you need to bring everyone to buy a video game or a book or groceries? And what the fuck are you driving that you can fit so many people in your vehicle??

28. Hey, blacks—why so many wigs?

Why do African and Caribbean shops sell so many wigs for women?

29. Why are Chinese tourists messy and gross?

Why are Chinese tourist groups always the messiest, grossest people at our hotel?

30. What color is black people’s dandruff?

Coloured people of Reddit, is your dandruff also coloured or is it white? I suspect it is white, but you never know…

31. Why won’t Gypsies assimilate?

Gypsies why do refuse to be part of society and cause damage to property, steal and be so aggressive?

I would like to clarify I am British and all interaction with the gypsy population was in England.

32. Do white people fear becoming extinct?

White people: Are you afraid that your race will get extinct one day because of constant mixing?

33. If life in America is so bad for blacks, why don’t they leave?

If life for you in this country is so unfair or hard, what is keeping from swimming back to Africa?

34. When will blacks and Jews get over the past?

Dear jewish people, how long will it take for you to get over the holocaust? It happened like 70 years ago.

Dear black people, how long will it take you to get over slavery? That shit happened like 400 years ago.