34 Things People Thought Were Myths But Turned Out To Be True


Found on AskReddit.

1. fuzzyyoji

Met my wife in Oregon. Moved back here to Oklahoma/Arkansas area, and saw a Roadrunner. She didn’t know they were real.

2. [deleted]

I didn’t think that Italians actually gesticulated quite as much as the stereotype made out. Not 5 minutes after having driven into Italy from Switzerland, I saw a guy holding a phone to his ear with his shoulder, using both of his hands in a pleading motion. To a phone. This turned out to be a very common occurrence.

3. bigfaiz

I lived in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan when I was younger, and was exposed more to cuisine coming out of that region of the world. Also, I loved TMNT. I thought pizza was a made up dish until I saw it in real life at a restaurant when I was 9… mind fucking blown! Other kids snickered at me, which I think was the reason I googled Butterbeer just to make sure it wasn’t a real thing too.

4. nathanyvr

As a Canadian, the US $2 bill.



6. Sepulchxr

Going to the US and discovering that you truly do have a strange fetish for my Irish accent.

7. Vellatox

Elephants are really afraid of mice.

8. mightybjorn

Louis CK being a Mexican.

9. SuperBrad213

That Pawn Stars is scripted. It breaks my heart.

10. tayflee

That there is an army of cats living in Disneyland, to control the rodent infestation. I was always skeptical…turns out it’s true! Fairy Rings/Circles. Perfect circles of mushrooms that sprout up overnight. I always thought it was a Celtic, Gaelic or Germanic myth. Spotted one two days ago on the grass by a street corner after a huge rainstorm. According to Wikipedia it’s a not uncommon phenomena.

11. sassycunt

That you can ask a Comcast installer for an HDMI cable and they’ll give it to you. I got a heavy duty 10ft cable the other day. Free.

12. snoobs89

That people actually believe in Fan death. I always assumed it was just bullshit, but people actually believe it.

13. Noonsky

US military members and their family members can get free breast enlargement surgery.

14. Pupeteer

In bathrooms the toilet seat is actually much cleaner to eat off of compared to the floor. Thank you Myth Busters.

15. Polominty

When my 5-year-old cousin told me her favorite type of dolphin was “The pink ones”, I just smiled and patted her head then proceeded to tell everyone in a “kids say the cutest things” kinda way. I couldn’t believe it when people weren’t laughing and rolling their eyes…Turns out that shit is real! THERE ARE MOTHERFUCKING PINK DOLPHINS!

16. [deleted]

The people on jersey shore weren’t actors, but actually real people showing off their stupidity as if it was a contest…so disappointed.

17. nitwittery

That glass is a solid. Had so many people come up to me and say, “Err, actually, it’s a very slow moving liquid”. Nope – according to the great Steven Fry and QI (the word of which I take to be gospel), this is complete bollocks.

18. alcimedes

Marijuana works to relieve pain.

For the majority of my adult life I thought that was a total crock of shit that old hippies made up so they could get their hands on weed cheaper. Then life smacked me upside the head with some unfortunate reality, and after 10 years of non-stop pain, I found I was wrong about marijuana.

19. jordanundead

In high school we had a transfer student from Norway who thought midgets were a myth.

20. Eat_a_Bullet

Rats actually do come up through the sewer line and pop up in the toilet. I thought it was a myth until it happened to me twice. The city told me it was happening a lot in my neighborhood due to nearby sewer construction disrupting a bunch of rat nests.

Now I shit into Ziploc bags, which I place in the closet. When the closet is full, I will have to move out.

21. etan_causale

Joseph Smith and the history of Mormonism. I thought that the South Park episode was completely fictional.

22. Tater_Nuts

Fucking pirates in the Caribbean.

23. greenRiverThriller

Bro alert – The “Sleeper hold”. I thought there was no way you could KO a person from a choke. Who can’t hold their breath for a minute? It turns out that ‘blood chokes’ can knock almost anyone out in 5 seconds max when done correctly.

24. sencinitas

Flexing your “pooping muscles” while having sex prevents you from orgasming.

25. ZappyKins

That Rush Limbaugh was such a drug addict that he had gone deaf. That they had people typing what the callers say, and if you listen, he is waiting for people to type it up.

Turns out it was true, and for some crazy reason, he is not in jail like most of us would be.

26. demonicsoap

I thought that girls pee’d out of there butts until I was 12 because they always sat down to pee! Made sense at the time.

27. charmuse

Tumbleweeds, I so thought that they were an exaggeration from cartoons. Then I spent time in NM.

28. jjborcean

Mail Order Brides.

Actually I have Reddit to thank for my enlightenment from a bride’s AMA a while back. Up until then I had only heard about them on television sitcoms and assumed it was a joke.

29. stylzs05

Hot water freezes faster than cold water.

30. pakron

That you can get the herp from someone who has cold sores. Cold sores are a strain of herpes, and it is possible to get genital herpes from it if they go down on you.

31. Drunken_Economist

Narwhals. I always assumed that narwhals were a mythical animal, right up until the point that I made myself look like an idiot in college.

32. Emilaweb

My Australian boyfriend was shocked to find out that Fraternities and Sororities were actually how they were depicted on television most of the time. He thought they were just exaggerated clubs. Nope.

33. SubmittedBuy

Run-walking is an Olympic sport.

34. cdrBumblebee3rd

That GIF is supposed to be pronounced “jif,” like the peanut butter. My worldview was shattered the day I learned that. For those who want proof.