34 Truths We Need Stapled To Our Foreheads


1. You’re as amazing as you let yourself be. And for so many of us, this is terrifying. Debilitating. And so we keep ourselves small so as not to risk the inconvenient truth that we could be everyday superstars, if only we’re bold enough to surrender to our true power. Live large.

2. We don’t get to live the same year twenty times in a row and call it a life. We call that waiting to die.

3. The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret. Get your ass out of the chair and go do the thing you said you were gonna do. Be incredible.

4. We are worthy of every want and need and hope and desire we have. It’s our secrets that define us, so own every last part of yourself, warts-and-all, because every part of you is a masterpiece. Even the part of you that forgets to call mom, and spends most of the working day on Facebook, and sometimes doesn’t shower the whole weekend.

5. To enjoy the harvest, you’ve got to plant some seeds. Your life is in direct correlation to the effort you put into it.

6. Screwing up isn’t failure. Not trying is.

7. There are two choices in life: make a living, or design a life.

8. There are 87,987,079 paths to the divine. Drink. Drugs. Mediation. Sex. Religion. Yoga. Bungee-jumping. We’re all trying to sample something bigger than ourselves, we just have different ways of getting there.

9. Casual sex doesn’t mean you don’t get to be nice. There are rules, and they centre on respect. No excuses.

10. The difference between what we want and what we’re afraid of is about the width of your smallest fingernail. That’s part of the fun.

11. When you allow yourself the luxury of not having to be perfect, you free yourself up to be good.

12. You are the total sum of your thoughts. Select them like you select your clothes every morning and the beer you’ll drink at the bar: carefully, deliberately, and with purpose.

13. We are the story we tell ourselves. Mostly, we believe nobody hurts like we do. Newsflash: we’ve all been hurt before. That’s humanness.

14. It’s okay to live a life others don’t understand. Celebrate that. Stop asking for permission to live your own dream. Permit yourself your glory.

15. If you’re not full of yourself, you’ll go hungry. You’ve gotta be your own biggest cheerleader, baby.

16. Life wants you to be happy. Really! That life is supposed to be difficult is the biggest myth we allow ourselves to perpetuate.

17. You don’t have to fake if you learn how to ask nicely.

18. It’s better to fail in your own destiny than to succeed in somebody else’s.

19. We are wired for love. So let’s stop this casual-dating-I’m-just-not-that-into-you bollocks. Let’s live from love. From hope. Let’s own the fact that every part of us aches to be seen by somebody special.

20. What makes sense and what your soul needs will often be two separate things. Go with the soul.

21. Being surrounded by the wrong people is lonelier than being alone.

22. Nobody really wants to keep secrets. If you become a good listener, people will tell you everything you want to know.

23. Your subconscious mind will accept any suggestion, no matter how false. Keep checking in with yourself, and monitor the lies you’re feeding yourself.

24. Sometimes everything has to break in the present before we’ve got the pieces we’ll need to build our future. We think stumbling makes us a failure, but oft-time it’s not a breakdown, it’s a breakthrough.

25. Chase feelings, not facts. Your gut knows what to do.

26. Inspiration is perishable. Do what you say you want to do now.

27. Little by little, one travels far (Tolkein)

28. You do not need to be broken to be interesting.

29. Do one thing, one do it well. You’ve either got to first, best, or different to stand out form the crowd. Choose.

30. Confidence is self-perpetuating. Create some and you’ll generate even more.

31. In the short run few people will notice. In the long run, everybody will.

32. Never complain, never explain. Just do you.

33. We’re motivated, as humans, by three basic things: reason, love, and approval. Identify the emotion you’re attaching to any given thing, and it becomes ten times easier to manage your expectation of it.

34. The more we practice, the luckier we get. Funny that, isn’t it?