35 Breathtaking Photos That Will Make You Fall In Love With Chicago


With summer almost over, the summer that barely came at all, it’s easy to get cynical about the city, especially with winter coming. But if there’s ever a time to fall in love with the city, it’s the Autumn, a season of sweaters and lakeside walks with a hot cup of Metropolis Coffee. To get you in the spirit of the season, here’s 35 photos to remind you why we put up with this city, even at its worst.

1. The City, As Seen From Space:

2. Chicago Theatre Ghost Sign:

3. From Inside Intelligentsia:

4. Sign on Sunnyside in Uptown:

5. A Walk Downtown

6. The Woods, X-Rated Theatre in the 1970s:

7. Under Lincoln Park Pavilion:

8. The Illinois Railway Museum:

9. Another Side of Downtown Chicago:

10. 12th Street Bascule Bridge, in 1900:

11. Angel’s Tire Shop in Pilsen:

12. Damen Blue Line Stop in Wicker Park:

13. Pedestrial Tunnel at Berwyn and Ravenswood:

14. The City Reflected in Winter:

15. The Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier:

16. Mural in Logan Square:

17. Stan’s Drive-In in Bridgeport:

18. The Beach from Above:

19. Margie’s Candies at Night:

20. Mural Under the 47th Street Bridge:

21. Liquor Store in Albany Park:

22. The View at O’Hare:

23. Coca-Cola Mural in Andersonville:

24. The Skyline as Seen from the Indiana Dunes:

25. After the Fire:

26. The Music Box on Southport:

27. Mural, First Appeared in Chicago Reader:

28. Ed and Erv’s Centrella in Rogers Park:

28. Storefront in Wicker Park:

29. The Illinois-Indiana Stateline Momument

30. The Salvation Army Food Truck in Uptown:

31. Inside Union Station:

32. Central Furniture in Wicker Park:

33. The City Covered in Fog:

34. An Unexpected Skyline View From Bridgeport:

35. Elderly Couple at Hollywood Beach:

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