35 Extremely Awkward Conversations That Would Be Easier To Have In Another Language



1. Screaming for help

2. Confronting an arch-nemesis

3. Ordering an obscene amount of food for just you

4. Whatever you say after slapping someone in the face

5. Showing up to someone’s place in the middle of the night to apologize with a band of Mariachis

6. Explaining to your drug lord boss that the stash you were in charge of was confiscated by the feds

7. Crying in front of people


8. Telling someone why you’re better than them

9. Explaining why you don’t want to meet someone’s parents

10. Meeting the strange man you’ve been stalking around the different photo booths in your town

11. Throwing a tantrum because Mary Kate and Ashley are eating McDonalds in your kitchen

12. Being a bitch just because you can

13. Reading a poem you wrote out loud

14. Flirting with your bartender

15. Crying alone


16. Actually meeting someone’s parents

17. Telling someone their shoes don’t match

18. Dramatically interrupting a wedding

19. Making a grand entrance by singing a song that tells everyone what your name is and how fucking cool you are

20. Reminding someone they promised to kiss you next Friday, and um, now it’s next Friday

21. Breaking up with someone because your parents don’t like them

22. Pretty crying after winning an international beauty competition


23. Finally telling a server “when” after making them grate a mountain of cheese on top of the dish you ordered

24. Going to confession

25. Deciding what parts of hell everyone belongs in and why

26. Ordering a ridiculously complicated coffee because you’re picky as fuck

27. Telling someone they’ve had too much to drink

28. Crying when you run out of wine


29. Explaining why you were so drunk

30. “New phone, who dis?”

31. Persuading everyone that this hangover is the worst one you’ve ever had

32. Joining in the conversation your friends are having about how many people you kissed at weddings this summer

33. Carrying on a conversation with someone you know, but can’t remember their name, and trying to hide that from them for as long as possible

34. Complaining (about anything and everything)

35. Crying while shopping for bathing suits