35 Girls Reveal The Quirky Little Traits That Make A Guy Extra-Sexy


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1. Guys with thick eyebrows or guys that spend most of the day in PJs.

“Guys with thick eyebrows or guys that spend most of the day in PJs.”


2. Unstable guys.

“Men that aren’t completely mentally stable.”


3. Ginger guys.

“Ginger guys. Motherfuckin’ ginger guys. Freckles. Pale skin. Bright-ass red hair. Whole package. Bonus points if they’ve got glasses. Double bonus if they’re musical. Ed Sheeran basically.”


4. Long and lanky, strong and swanky.

“Super super skinny and lanky guys. Long and lanky, strong and swanky.”


5. Large hands and long fingers.

“This isn’t thaaaat weird, but guys with large hands and long fingers are 10+ hotter than without. There is something really aesthetically pleasing about hands like these, that look manly but also graceful. ahh…”


6. When I’m really into a guy, I salivate over his armpit odor.

“When I’m really into a guy, I salivate over his armpit odor. I know there’s a science behind it, but it’s still pretty funny and weird to me.”


7. Guys with a bit of a tummy.

“Guys with a bit of a tummy. Also, wide noses are cute.”


8. Dad bods.

“Dad bods. I’ve dated guys who were muscular as fuck, skinny, etc. Dad bods for the win. My boyfriend keeps me warm in the winter.”


9. Shyness.

“Shyness. Everyone says girls like confident guys but some cross the line to douchebaggery. I prefer a shy guy than someone who’s going to annoy me.”


10. The, uh, muscles near the, um, dick.

“Ugh…The V thing. The landing strip…Idk what it’s called. The dick area. But not the actual dick, just the muscles there.”


11. Guys with really defined hands, preferably with very visible veins.

“Guys with really defined hands, preferably with very visible veins.”


12. Heavier set men who are hairy.

“Heavier set men who are hairy. I am a thin woman and like the feel of someone bigger than me.”


13. Scarred or pockmarked faces.

“Scarred or pockmarked faces. Maybe it has to do with making the person look more weathered or rugged, or something. It’s one of the reasons I really liked Jared Harris as Lane Pryce in Mad Men.”


14. Muscular thighs.

“Men with defined muscular thighs. I think men’s thighs don’t get enough credit.
Also guys who are comfortable with their own sexuality. Like even if they’re 100% straight they can handle a guy flirting with them or accepting a compliment or crush from an other guy with no problem.”


15. Skinny wrists.

“Men with skinny wrists. And nice deltoids.”


16. Mustard. That’s right—mustard.

“Um. Idk why but I think it’s really hot when a guy uses mustard as a condiment?”


17. Nerds.

“I get weirdly excited about nerdy guys.”


18. Guyliner.

“I wish guyliner was still a thing.”


19. Grunginess.

“Grunginess. Not in terms of hygiene, but in terms of personal style. I’ve been with guys who are the opposite and I quite frankly can’t keep up with it. I’m not a very trendy dresser and it makes me feel weird standing next to someone who makes sure every inch of him looks good. God bless my ripped jeans-wearing, shaves-when-he-fucking-feels-like-it boyfriend.”


20. A broad, muscular back and a bald head.

“A broad, muscular back and a bald head.”


21. A nice hairy chest.

“A nice hairy chest on a man. Dad bods are cool, fit bods are cool, if you’re Tom Selleck please call me!”


22. Baldness!

“Baldness! Idk why, but I’ve always been drawn to it. And no it’s not some kind of daddy-complex.”


23. Underbites.

“Underbites. Meaty men with hairy chests. Jewish-looking guys—Paul Stanley when he was younger would have been a nice specimen for the latter two.”


24. Dudes who are physically bigger than me.

“Dudes who are physically bigger than me…from muscular/broad-shouldered to even heavy (I’ve gone out with a larger dude before). I just find them wildly attractive.”


25. Men with Jewish noses.

“Men with Jewish noses, which are also known as Roman, hooked, and aquiline noses. It’s not really the nose itself I’m attracted to, it’s more like the way it is positioned on the face, if that makes sense.”


26. Big goofy ears and slightly crooked teeth.

“Big goofy ears and slightly crooked teeth. Obama, Michael Phelps, and Will Smith have the best ears. Michael Phelps and Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter fit the teeth criteria. Michael Phelps in general is just at the top of my celebrity crush list.”


27. Hairy men and pubes.

“Hairy men and pubes (and because I’m being extra daring and open today, and also because I can hide behind my phone, armpit b.o.)…kinda scared that I’m really the only one left on this planet that actually likes hair on men. Something to do with being more natural and wild?”


28. Stuttering.

“I don’t like saying it because I feel like I’m objectifying people with a condition—but stuttering (especially on L’s and H’s I think).

Granted, not alone, but say the guy is already fairly attractive/interesting. If he has a stutter, I get really excited. I don’t know if it’s a power thing, and I hope not because I feel really bad about lusting over something someone struggles with. I kinda think it might be just linked with my oral fixation. There’s something about the way they try to escape that blockage, and the different movement of the tongue, and sometimes the little sounds. Ugh. To those who stutter—I’m so sorry. I don’t mean any disrespect.”


29. A gap between the front teeth.

“A gap between the front teeth. More Arnold Schwarzenegger than Michael Strahan. No disrespect to Michael.”


30. Quads on a dude.

“Quads on a dude. I’m a female who played rugby until last year. Omg…quads 😍.”


31. Big, thick beards.

“Big, thick beards.”


32. Men with toned biceps!

“Men with toned biceps! I don’t care about anything else. If your biceps look amazing, I’m fantasizing about you.”


33. Bashful guys.

“Blushing/being super bashful. It’s so cute! It’s so rare, when I do see it I want to take them home and wreck them cuddle them, every time….I suppose the weird part is that I’m a straight girl.”


34. A good collarbone.

“When a guy has a good collarbone…can’t explain it.”


35. Men with dark circles under their eyes.

“Men with dark circles under their eyes. I think that’s what it is? I haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly what it is about certain guys yet. Think along the lines of Vince Vaughn and John Mayer. There’s a darkness to their eyes that I just love.”


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