35 Holiday Moments That Are Worth More Than What’s Under The Tree


1. Finally flipping to the month of December on the calendar.

2. Fuzzy socks.

3. Watching an old Christmas movie and feeling nostalgic for when you would watch it as a little kid.

4. The overall feeling of happiness and giddiness about the holiday season and winter break.

5. Long hours of sleep in a warm bed.

6. Hot, steamy showers on cold days.

7. Being surrounded with the people you love the most.

8. The smell of cinnamon and pine.

9. Watching someone open a gift you gave them.

10. Singing along at the top of your lungs to the Christmas songs playing on the car radio.

11. Long hugs that end with a little squeeze.

12. Being told you were missed.

13. Being reminded you are loved.

14. The morning when you wake up fully recovered from a cold.

15. Having time for yourself.

16. Doodling on frosted windows.

17. Finishing your final exams.

18. The anticipation of winter break and freedom during the final few minutes of your last class/work day.

19. Fresh, crisp air.

20. Handwritten cards and letters.

21. The warm glow and gentle heat of a candle.

22. Hot chocolate. With extra whipped cream.

23. Cookie dough.

24. Crossing off the last things on your to-do list for the rest of the year.

25. Sleeping in your own bed.

26. The dim, warm lighting of the lights strung on a Christmas tree.

27. Bundling up in thick wool sweaters.

28. Peeling off those thick wool sweaters when you come back inside.

29. The first step you take into a gloriously warm bubble bath.

30. Watching a puppy bounce around in the snow.

31. Seeing little kids in strollers, almost engulfed by their miniature puffy snow coats.

32. Getting the window seat on your flight home.

33. Seat warmers in cars.

34. Hearty home-cooked meals.

35. Pink cheeks and red noses.