35 Questions You Ask Yourself The Morning After An Insane Night


The morning after is rough, especially when you find yourself asking, “when did the night actually end?” Here are a few more questions you might ask yourself the morning after.

1. What the fuck?
2. Why do I drink vodka?
3. Where is the Advil?
4. Actually, where is the Excedrin migraine with caffeine?
5. Do I even have coffee in my apartment?
6. Where are my pants?
7. Who the fuck is that?
8. How did I get home?
9. Wait, am I at home?
10. Whose house is this?
11. Did someone punch me in the head?
12. Can I move my limbs?
13. Should I even get up?
14. Where’s my phone?
15. Why does my mouth taste like pizza and cigarettes?
16. Wait, did I smoke cigarettes?
17. Do I even know how to smoke a cigarette?
18. When can I start drinking again?
19. Did I watch every single episode of Game of Thrones?
20. Why is the sun so bright?
21. How is it past 2 PM?
22. How late am I going to be for all the important things I need to do?
23. Will this hangover ever leave my body?
24. Should I start praying again?
25. Can I make it to the shower?
26. How do I get food delivered directly to my bed?
27. Can someone please bring me all of my stuff?
28. Did I leave all my stuff in a cab?
29. Will anyone have the number for the cab company?
30. Why the fuck are there so many cab companies?!
31. Why do I have this random person’s passport?
32. Where is my wallet?
33. How the hell did I spend all of my money?
34. Is my tab still open at the bar?
35. Wait…did I ever even make it to the bar?