35 Things Women Shouldn’t Have To Apologize For (But Do Anyway)


It has been said women apologize way too much. Maybe it’s because women are shamed constantly. Or maybe it’s because women are culturally taught to be submissive. Women are expected to live up to and exceed unachievable expectations. Women end up apologizing for not meeting these impossible standards and it needs to end now. Take a page out of Beyonce’s book and repeat “I ain’t sorry.”

Here are 35 examples of things women should stop feeling the need to apologize for.

1. Speaking their mind like Elizabeth Warren.

2. Being loud like Joan Rivers.

3. Being an activist like Gloria Steinem.

4. Cursing like Khloe Kardashian.

5. Being serious like Mother Teresa.

6. Being funny like Amy Poehler.

7. Being intelligent like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

8. Being political like Hillary Clinton.

9. Wearing makeup like Gwen Stefani.

10. Not wearing makeup like Alicia Keys.

11. Having “Resting Bitch Face” like Kristen Stewart.

12. Wearing revealing clothing like Rihanna.

13. Wearing modest clothing like Mayim Bialik.

14. Wearing a Hijab like Ibtihaj Muhammad.

15. Having hair like Blue Ivy.

16. Being curvy like Ashley Graham.

17. Getting plastic surgery like Kylie Jenner.

18. For having a period like Chinese olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui.

19. Being sexual like Amber Rose.

20. Dating around like Taylor Swift.

21. Breastfeeding in public like P!nk.

22. Having a child like Chrissy Teigan.

23. Getting an abortion like Chelsea Handler.

24. Being feminine like Mindy Kaling.

25. Being masculine like Ruby Rose.

26. Being athletic like Simone Biles.

27. Having abs like Ali Raisman.

28. Being gay like Ellen Page.

29. Being Trans like Laverne Cox.

30. Having money like Oprah.

31. Getting high like Ilana Glazer.

32. Getting drunk like Amy Schumer.

33. Being strong like Michelle Obama.

34. Being outspoken like Lena Dunham.

35. Flaunting who they are like Miley Cyrus.