35 Things You Google Before a Drug Test


It’s okay, we’ve all been there. You make it to the final round for a job you’ve been dreaming of and you realize, “Oh shit, I ate that peace krispy treat before the Mimosa show.” Or, you know, you were out drinking and had a little bit of a Lohan moment and took a single bump of coke from some girl in the bathroom. You’re pretty sure it may not even been coke—she was totally weird and just giving people coke, it was probably cut with rat poison. This kind of situation makes anyone panic and when you’re panicking, you’re Googling and you’re Googling hard. Here’s a list of 35 things you may want to do a search-a-roo for next time you find yourself in this extremely common situation.

1. Ways to pass drug test

2. Tricks for passing drug test

3. Do the drinks that help you pass a drug test work

4. Best drink to take before drug test

5. Cranberry juice drug test

6. How long is pot in your system?

7. Can you fail a drug test for pot if it is legal in your state?

8. Getting hired with a failed drug test

9. Do pills show up on drug tests

10. Vicodin drug test jobs

11. Xanax bars on a drug test

12. Tide Pen on rim for drug test

13. What jobs take hair samples?

14. How much does a hair sample show?

15. Does drinking alcohol make passing a drug test better or worse?

16. Stories about passing drug tests

17. Remove marijuana from your system

18. Do you need to show a prescription for all pharmaceuticals in your drug test

19. Piss test good stories

20. How I passed my piss test

21. How often are drug tests wrong

22. Do most companies let you take another drug test

23. Poppy seeds drug test

24. Poppy seeds re-do drug test

25. Is weed a big deal for drug tests

26. Passing a drug test with a medical marijuana card

27. Can you shampoo drugs out of your hair

28. Overnight delivery for drug test cleanser

29. How long is coke in your system?

30. Things cut with cocaine California

31. Cocaine drug test

32. If you fail drug test can you be arrested

33. Tricks for getting cocaine out of your hair

34. If you’ve been around meth but not smoked it can you a drug test

35. Crazy drug test stories