36 Little Things That Have The Ability To Make Us Happy


Too often we take little things in our lives for granted. We do not appreciate them when they happen. They are not our precious memories; they do not become photos in our albums or days to be cherished and remembered. But why not? Why not look at all those small things that can influence us deeper than we thought? Why not let the magic of quotidian life in, and see the beauty?

1. Birds chirping outside

2. The whiff of cold wind after a long hot day

3. Looking at a person you like

4. Going through old photographs and remembering the life you used to have

5. Seeing a baby smile at you, and you can’t help but smile back

6. Sleeping on the crispy clean sheets

7. Finally getting that book you ordered on Amazon

8. And how good it smells

9. First ice-cream of the season

10. Kissing in the rain. (There is just something so damn romantic in that.)

11. The smell that comes from the raindrops reaching asphalt

12. Peonies ♥ (Either seeing those in a flower shop or someone surprising you with your favorite flowers)

13. Staying in bed all day and reading

14. New Netflix original series or new episode of your favorite TV-show (Scandal? Grey’s Anatomy? Quantico? Empire? The Catch?)

15. That said, binge-watching the oldie you can’t seem to have enough of (Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls)

16. The sunrise and sunset

17. Spending time with your long-time crush

18. Having your dog jump at you after a long time apart

19. Stroking your cat and hearing her purr

20. Love at first sight (and I mean shoes, ladies ♥)

21. Putting on that dress you specifically bought for when you lose those pounds and rocking it at that nightclub

22. Your ex’s jaw dropping when he sees how gorgeous you look (and how darn stupid he was when he let you go)

23. The feeling of accomplishment (not when you’ve won an IRON MAN, maybe when you’ve stopped thinking about your ex for a day and focused on yourself and
your needs)

24. Looking at the stars and pretending to be wise about life

25. Laughing till your cheekbones hurt

26. Eating your all-time favorite food

27. The smell of your mom’s cooking

28. Feeling safe in someone’s embrace

29. Swimming in the sea

30. Going barefoot in nature

31. Singing in the shower

32. Someone’s surprising you with a thoughtful gift

33. The smell of freshly cut grass

34. Having gotten a sincere compliment

35. The first sip of your favorite drink

36. Falling asleep with a person you love