38 Things You Learn During Your Freshman Year Of College


(Not an exhaustive list)

1. Being away from home sucks.

2. Finding friends is crucial.

3. But good friends are hard to come by.

4. Ramen is sometimes delicious.

5. Coffee is a saving grace.

6. It is possible to function on two hours of sleep or less.

7. A beer won’t kill you.

8. Neither will a glass of wine.

9. Or hard liquor, in moderation.

10. Fireball burns for a while, then stops (after you’ve had enough…).

11. Going out will not kill you.

12. Call your parents (both of them).

13. Your siblings too, they miss you.

14. Don’t forget your friends from home.

15. Get dolled up for a house party on a Friday night.

16. Stay in wearing sweatpants and watch Netflix on Saturday night.

17. You will miss home while at school, but miss school while at home.

18. Let your friends set you up with someone; be open to options!

19. Don’t rule out dating your freshman year.

20. Don’t drink a lot until you have friends with you that will take care of you.

21. There are a lot of things to do on campus that include free food.

22. It’s okay to contemplate changing your major.

23. It’s okay to change your major.

24. Utilize the gym on campus.

25. Never leave your dorm without your keys.

26. You will fight with your roommate.

27. It is always good to befriend the R.A.; she could become one of your best friends at school.

28. Don’t procrastinate on a seven and a half page research paper until three days before it is due.

29. The cute guy from your math class could be a stoner.

30. Like, drug dealer level stoner.

31. And also a terrible kisser.

32. Always bring a phone charger with you if possible.

33. Also, always charge your phone at night.

34. Get out of your comfort zone.

35. Order pizza at 3 a.m. with your roommate because you can.

36. But beware, the freshman 15 is real (see #24).

37. The entire year will be a roller coaster.

38. It will be the greatest ride of your life… so far.

featured image – Sophia Louise