39 Incredible Things That Happen When You Travel


1. You will become comfortable talking about poop with complete strangers.

2. You will throw away all of your clothes, one by one.

3. You will use charades to communicate with someone else.

4. You will get a weird body ailment.

5. You will discover ridiculous life hacks (like using a shoelace for a camera strap).

6. You will wind up in the middle of nowhere, on accident.

7. You will do the dirty in places you never even dreamed of.

8. You will learn how to say “cheers!” in a bunch of different languages.

9. You will fall in love…more than once.

10. You will learn to sleep anywhere you fucking can.

11. You will lose, break, or have something stolen.

12. You will hear the craziest stories from the most unexpected sources.

13. You will learn that your material items don’t matter.

14. You will stay up until sunrise.

15. You will go pee on the side of the road.

16. You will learn how to live simply.

17. You will be dirty as hell and not give a shit.

18. You will meet friends that you’ll make elaborate plans to meet up with in a year from now.

19. You will get lost and have to ask for directions.

20. You will learn to breathe in and slow down.

21. You will be invited to either a wedding, a funeral or some other traditional ceremony.

22. You will get homesick and want to give up.

23. You will learn the traditions of a new culture.

24. You will see the world through a new perspective.

25. You will start stealing toilet paper from unsuspecting restaurants.

26. You will feel the most liberated you’ve ever felt in your whole life.

27. you will make an instant best friend and then never see them again.

28. You will learn part of a new language.

29. You will come to appreciate and love the people who welcome you into their country.

30. You will learn to take care of yourself.

31. You will get into passionate heart to hearts with someone you just met.

32. You will laugh harder than you have ever laughed before, and in turn you will cry harder than you have ever cried before.

33. You will do something that scares you.

34. You will eat some of the best and worst food you’ve ever tasted.

35. You will get into a situation where you are forced to rely on the kindness of strangers to bail you out.

36. You will change your definition of the word “clean.”

37. You will learn how to do something new.

38. You will lose track of life back home.

39. You will never, ever be the same.

This post originally appeared at Wanderlove.