39 Reasons I Need Feminism


1. Feminist movements gave me the right to vote.

2. I enjoy consensual sex with men.

3. I respect men, and expect the same.

4. I enjoy waxing, but think everyone deserves the right to groom their body as they see fit.

5. Being a woman in certain science or math fields is still seen as “more impressive” than if a man did it.

6. Gender should never be disregarded, I want to be able to value my femininity, not be labeled genderless to be seen as equal.

7. I don’t want future generations to need to protest.

8. I want the right to decorate (or not to decorate) my body.

9. I want all political views to be respected.

10. I may have all the rights I need, but many others don’t.

11. I may never have been raped, but many other women have.

12. I want all women to have the freedom to choose whether show off or cover their bodies.

13. I would like to continue having access to birth control.

14. All women should be able to choose whether they want to use birth control.

15. I am free to express my opinions on abortion, and personally believe in a woman’s right to chose for herself.

16. I have friends of both genders, who I expect to respect each other.

17. My career choices are my own, but all women should have the ability to pursue any direction they wish.

18. I like wearing lipstick.

19. I like to decorate myself.

20. I don’t like to decorate myself.

21. If a woman chooses to be a housewife, she should be just as well regarded as those who have an office job.

22. (See 21).

23. I want to have children.

24. I want to have as many children at whatever age I want.

25. I want to skip number 25 if I see fit.

26. I may or may not care for politics personally, and that is my choice.

27. I want to enjoy cooking and cleaning without being viewed as domestic or womanly.

28. I have the right to choose my own diet.

29. I am embracing my freedom of religion, and would like all others to be able to do the same.

30. I can listen to whatever music I want to.

31. I do not live in a country that practices genital mutilation, but want the suffering to end for women elsewhere.

32. I may not have an eating disorder, but want women to stop feeling stifled by expectations put on their bodies.

33. I am anti-pornography.

34. I am pro-pornography.

35. I may make as much money as my male counterparts, but want to fight for all those women making less than their male counterparts.

36. I am not living in poverty, and want my economic freedom to continue.

37. I read fashion magazines.

38. I believe in a woman’s right to alter her body as she sees fit.

39. By believing in feminist ideals and what they offer me and have offered me, I need feminism.