4 Brutal Truths About Growing Up With Three Sisters


Whenever I explain to somebody that I am the oldest of 4 girls in my family, I get the same response, or something similar:

“Wow. I feel sorry for your dad.”

Of course, there is some truth to the statement. Considering that he was exposed to our various hormonal meltdowns throughout the years (when all he wanted to do was watch Sports Center in peace), he’s had it a little rough.

Growing up with sisters can be a blast, and it can also be a nightmare. For instance, the consistent availability of clothing choices is nothing to complain about. When I need an outfit for a theme party, I know exactly which bedroom to explore. Always having someone to gossip with is pretty fun too. While our group chat can get a little out of hand sometimes, the entertainment factor is unbeatable.

However, girls can also be…how should I put this? Annoying. Of course, I am allowed to say this because I am one. We have the tendency to get angry or jealous over irrational things, and bicker with each other as a result. Of course, these arguments are mostly harmless, and are typically forgotten about pretty quickly.

Here are 4 truths about growing up with 3 sisters:

1. You will always get an honest (and sometimes unsolicited) opinion.

“Does my butt look big in this dress?”

“Yeah, but like in a good way.”

“Okay, good.”


“You’re wearing those shoes?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“They don’t match your outfit.”


2. Since we are able to relate to each other’s personal struggles, we can provide helpful words of wisdom.

As a college graduate (still difficult to accept), I am able to offer valid pieces of advice to my younger sisters. For instance, don’t buy the “required textbooks” until you know you’ll definitely need them. They are expensive as hell.

Similarly, since the youngest is stuck in high school, she has the opportunity to seek advice from 3 sisters who have managed to make it through those years. We are able to provide our insights on the inevitable insecurities, boy dilemmas, and petty dramas that high school can bring.

Let’s face it – complaining to your mom about your issues just isn’t the same. Feedback from a parent is typically “If he doesn’t like you, that’s his loss.” A response from a sister is something more along the lines of “Don’t worry about it – he’s probably gay anyway.”

However, the advice we are able to provide each other isn’t limited to our past experiences. Additionally, since we are all proficient in different areas, we can offer guidance and assistance when necessary.

For instance, if I’m torn between 2 dresses when online shopping, I know that I can count on my fashion-forward sister to help me out. If somebody needs help writing a cover letter, that’s where I come in. (Side note: This isn’t my way of bragging about my writing abilities. I’ve written an embarrassing amount of cover letters throughout the duration of my unemployment slump.)

3. Things can get a little…. over-dramatic.

Although we are generally lenient about borrowing each other’s clothes, not returning them to its rightful owner is a whole different story. So if one of us finds our skirt crumpled at the bottom of another’s closet when it’s been M.I.A for weeks? Prepare for World War 3.

If you need to get a workout in at my house, the mentality is: You snooze, you lose. When too many of us are in our basement gym at once, the claustrophobia causes more of a sweat than our actual workout does. Missing that window of opportunity will cause a sense of resentment toward the one that snagged the treadmill – especially when we all know who’s doing the half-ass workout watching Gossip Girl.

Although we each have our own cars now, it wasn’t always that way. Therefore, to be granted the priority to use the car, we had to deliver a carefully crafted argument. When all else fails, we always had the option of bringing up that summer when one of us accidentally started driving on the wrong side of the road. Clearly, it’s just not safe for her to be behind the wheel.

Still today, the driving arguments continue. Waiting around in a parking lot because your sister decided at the last minute that she needed Starbucks for the third time that day? Your inner Regina George just might come out. You can walk home, bitches.

4. Despite our arguments, we always ultimately have each other’s backs.

We’ve helped each other devise intricate sneaking-out plans. These involved several practice-runs, as well as flawless cover-up stories for when our mom emerged from her room half-asleep and concerned.

We’ve covered for each other when one of us went “missing” during our family trip to the Bahamas.

We defend each other when our parents are being over-critical, whether it pertained to our grades, our boyfriends or our respective ambitions and life choices.

Although we have wanted to kill each other at some points, the good times have always outweighed the bad. Just as the cliché saying goes, “friends come and go, but family is forever.”

While a silly argument can be easily dismissed, the love and support we have for each other will always be there. (And so will that video of your “Sk8r Boy” talent show performance, which may or may not come up at your wedding).

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